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July in Database: Dynamic SQL, Data Warehousing, and a New Music Database

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July in Database: Dynamic SQL, Data Warehousing, and a New Music Database

Check out the top articles on DZone that you should check out, the top news that happened in the world of database, database jobs you might be interested in, and more.

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MariaDB TX, proven in production and driven by the community, is a complete database solution for any and every enterprise — a modern database for modern applications.

Welcome to the second edition of This Month in Database! Last time, we looked at migration, deployment, and fraud. This time, we've got a whole new slew of fun stuff to talk about. We'll cover everything you need to know about databases from the past month, including the top database-related articles on DZone that you should check out, the top news that happened in the world of database, database jobs that you might be interested in, and more. Let's get started!

You Know We're All About Database (No Treble)

  1. The Most Effective Way to Write Effective SQL: Change Your Thinking Style by Emrah Mete. Your approach to solving the problem that you are working on at the database level should be a holistic one instead of a procedural one. See why.

  2. A Look at 5 NoSQL Solutions by Erik Dietrich. Even though it's been with us for some time now, it can be beneficial to review what NoSQL actually is and take a deeper look at some NoSQL-based solutions.

  3. Real-Time Cross-Region DynamoDB Replication Using AWS Replication by Sagar Pradhan. Learn how to write a lambda function and configure a DynamoDB trigger that will invoke the lambda function on any updates to a particular DynamoDB table. 

  4. Elasticsearch Moved Into the Top 10 Most Popular Database Management Systems by Matthias Gelbmann. The steady growth in Elasticsearch's popularity as measured by this particular popularity score is really impressive — they started with a score of 7.4 in 2014 and are now at 115.98.

  5. Introduction to Dynamic SQL by Mateusz Komendolowicz. Dynamic SQL affords the opportunity to execute SQL that will then go ahead and generate and execute another SQL statement. Check out the basics of it in this article.

Database From Dat-a-Way

  1. Old Database Problems In a New Guise: As a Service, by Charles Babcock at InformationWeek, July 24, 2017.

  2. ASCAP and BMI Team Up to Launch Musical Works Database, Eyeing Increased Transparency, by Marc Schneider at Billboard, July 26, 2017.

  3. Top Data Sources and Data Connectivity Landscape Infographic, by Nishantha Kadiyala at Progress, July 24, 2017.

Go to Your Database Happy Place

Below are a few Database-related jobs that may pique your interest. Feel free to check them out and apply today!

Quality Engineer Lead for Database SQ
Splice Machine
Location: Anywhere!
Experience: Experience defining and developing test cases from production definition, writing test specs, devising test plans, and leading a distributed testing team to achieve desired results.

Java Developer: Database Connector
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Experience: 5+ years software development experience working in large-scale, distributed systems with an understanding of the techniques involved in making these systems scale and perform.

Dive Deeper Into Database

  1. The DZone Guide to Database and Data Persistence Tools and Techniques. Discover the best database management systems, frameworks, and methods for data storage and retrieval and learn which tools and techniques developers are using for data persistence.

  2. Data Warehousing: Best Practices for Collecting, Storing, and Delivering Decision-Support Data. This DZone Refcard walks you through each aspect of data warehousing. Gain a complete understanding of data modeling, infrastructure, relationships, attributes, and speedy history loading and recording with atomic data.

MariaDB AX is an open source database for modern analytics: distributed, columnar and easy to use.

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