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Another NetBeans Platform Training at the University of Belgrade, Serbia

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Recently we had yet another 3-day NetBeans Platform training at the University of Belgrade.  Once again, we had a great time learning about the NetBeans Platform and building the local NetBeans community.

During the training we created an application named Student Analyzer as a skeleton for creating similar custom projects and students can build their applications on top of it in their future work. The application demonstrates all the essential NetBeans Platform concepts, such as Windows, Actions, Nodes, and Lookup.

At the end of the training 15 students were certified as NetBeans Certified Associates and two students were certified as NetBeans Certified Engineers. These two students, who attended the previous training, have succesfully completed NetBeans Platform projects "Image Recognition Wizard" (part of Neuroph project) and "Neuroph Visual Editor" (editor based on Visual Library and also part of the Neuroph project).

After this, our user group core now counts five members: one certified trainer, four certified engineers, and about 30 associates on our mailing list.

At the end of the training we presented the completed and ongoing projects in our group which include a UML Plugin based on VisualLibrary, a Jabber chat client plugin and of course Neuroph.

We'll be having more these trainings in future for sure and we have plans for extending our user group to the other universities in our country and the region, since it seems that there is a big interest for that, based on our experience at the University of Belgrade.


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