June Cloud Roundup: Kubernetes in Focus

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June Cloud Roundup: Kubernetes in Focus

This month's roundup puts a spotlight on Kubernetes, Google's container orchestration platform that has taken off in recent years.

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In this month's Cloud Zone roundup, we take a look at some of the most helpful articles related to Google's container orchestration platform, Kubernetes. Kubernetes, or K8s, as some prefer to call it, has taken off in popularity within the past few years, even becoming a part of it's largest competitor's platform as Docker released integration for Kubernetes. Check out what our contributors have had to say about it.

First and Foremost

  1. A Beginner’s Guide to Kubernetes by  Imesh Gunaratne — This detailed and expansive post on Kubernetes will give you plenty of information about the features that have made it the most popular container orchestrator.

  2. Top 4 Innovations in Containers and Cloud Computing by Patrick Chanezon — Cloud and its related technologies continue to grow. Check out the fields that can be expected to advance quickly with cloud computing.

  3. A Developer's Guide To Docker — Docker Compose by Lee Brandt — Check out this guide to using Docker Compose that will teach you how to create your own environment with just a few simple commands.

  4. Five Things You Probably Didn't Know About Amazon S3 by Agraj Mangal — Test your knowledge or learn something new in this list of (probably) little-known features about Amazon's S3 cloud service.

  5. How to Create a Virtual Cloud Desktop Using Apache Guacamole by Liptan Biswas — Learn how to conveniently access multiple Alibaba Cloud ECS instances over the internet with Apache Guacamole.

Kubernetes, Ahoy!

Here are some of the most recent and popular articles related to Google's smash-hit container orchestration product!

50 Useful Kubernetes Tools by Stefan Thorpe 

Stefan has done everyone who uses Kubernetes the great service of compiling 50 different tools, from the common to the obscure, with detailed descriptions of each as well as links. See what's missing from your arsenal here. 

Docker vs. Kubernetes: A Win-Win Scenario by Daniel Berman

Nobody wins when the family feuds. If you thought that Docker and Kubernetes would make you choose between them, the good news is that you can have you ship and sail it, too. Learn how you can combine the whale and the wheel here. 

Why Did Kubernetes Win? by Ryan Dawson

...but maybe there can only be one. Make no mistake, Docker adopted Kubernetes capabilities for a reason, as well as a number of other serverless and cloud providers. What does this say about Kubernetes? Is it now the dominant container platform? See if anyone can bring down the champ here.

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Don't forget to check out our latest cloud Guide, "Orchestrating and Deploying Containers," for a lot of rich material from some of our top contributors and sponsors about all things cloud and containerization!

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