This Month in DevOps: DevSecOps, Automation, and Declarative Pipelines

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This Month in DevOps: DevSecOps, Automation, and Declarative Pipelines

Get some insight on security in the DevOps community, continuous integration, software architecture, and job opportunities in the DevOps sphere.

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Security is at the front of everyone's minds these past few weeks, and the DevOps community is looking for ways to make their software and organizations safer. On top of that, grab some insight on continuous integration, software architecture, and job opportunities in the DevOps sphere.

5 DZone Articles to Get You up to Speed

An Imaginary Apology Letter From Your Airline CEO, by Gene Kim. Gene Kim shares how an IT perspective would have shaped his response to the issue that caused hundreds of canceled British Airways flights.

What Is DevSecOps? How to Automate Security Testing, by Matt Watson. DevSecOps is a movement to make us aware of security standards and practices during the application development lifecycle.

Continuous Integration Part 3: Best Practices, by Deepak Karanth and RJ Williams. Check out this full series for best practices for continuous integration, with tips and precautions for adopting DevOps tenets.

An Introduction to Software Architecture: What You Should Know, by Dmitriy Shelepin. Planning your software architecture makes for more flexible design and allows for reuse and optimization of code. Read on to learn about best practices.

What Are the Keys To Automated Testing?, by Tom Smith. Our very own research analyst spoke with twenty tech executives to ask about using automated testing to improve speed and quality.

DevOps on the Web at Large

GitHub acknowledges autocrats with 'code owner' feature, Richard Chirgwin, July 11, 2017.

Three Pillars of DevOps "Power Panel" [Video], Yeshim Deniz, July 10, 2017. 

Tricentis Introduces Exploratory Testing Tool for Atlassian JIRA, Parker Yates, July 12, 2017.

Who's Hiring?

Here are a few DevOps employment opportunities from our Jobs community. See if any fit your skill set and apply today!

DevOps Consultant
Location: Nationwide, United States
Experience: At least 3 years of consulting/professional services experience providing expert advice on all things related to Jenkins, CI, CD, and DevOps.

DevOps Engineer
Mashape & Kong
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Experience: Experience with building and maintaining automation workflows, and with Cassandra, Linux, and NGINX technologies.

Dive Deeper Into DevOps Concepts

  1. DZone's Guide to DevOps: Continuous Delivery and Automation: a free ebook download.

  2. Declarative Pipeline With Jenkins: DZone's Refcard on building and managing declarative pipelines with Jenkins and Blue Ocean.

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