June in IoT: EveryTHING Else

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June in IoT: EveryTHING Else

This IoT recap focuses on the Industrial Internet and associated technologies like predictive maintenance and IoT protocols.

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It's time for another look at the Internet of Things! In the past month, it looks like some newer protocols are gaining steam. Interest, for example, in NB-IoT implementation is heating up, and we've got some articles to keep you covered. Meanwhile, we'll also take a look at getting your projects connected to The Things Network, a recap of Google I/O, some solid information about how to implement predictive maintenance, and, most importantly, some advice for your transition to the Industrial Internet.

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Connecting You With What's Cool

  1. Enabling The Things Network for InfluxDB, by David G. Simmons. Want to bring The Things Network's IoT data-gathering capabilities to a time series database that can handle it? Here's how to connect it to InfluxDB.
  2. Google I/O 2018 Marks a New Era for IoT Devices, by Ubaid Pisuwala. With Google I/O behind us, let's see how Google is pushing forward in the realms of IoT and AI, and how devices and virtual assistants will evolve.
  3. Getting Started With Cat-M1 and NB-IoT: Business Uses Cases and More, by Jeffrey Lee. With Cat-M1 and Narrowband IoT set to make waves, let's look at some use cases that cellular IoT technologies are perfect for.
  4. Does Android Things Means Google Is Getting Serious About IoT? By Gary Eastwood. On the heels of Google I/O, let's see what's new with Android Things and how current trends are impacting IoT development, particularly with an eye on security.
  5. What the Internet of Things Is Missing, by Scott Wilson. The IoT has limitless potential, but it has been held back by an inability to properly scale. Can automation change this?

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IoT Around the Web

Europe Readies for NB-IoT 

As the honorable Jeffrey Lee pointed out above, NB-IoT is taking root. European firms are already gearing up for the new protocol, so let's take a look at what that means for users. On top of it all, as part of the maturation process, Microsoft is jumping into the fray, providing 10 years' worth of updates for its IoT devices in an attempt to futureproof them, so far as IoT devices can be futureproofed.

Predicting the Future

One of the main use cases for Industrial Internet initiatives is predictive maintenance. When you can recognize the patterns in your IoT data, you can use that knowledge to know when your hardware is ready to break. With that in mind, here's a great overview of the role of predictive maintenance in modern industrial settings.

"You're Probably Doing Your IIoT Implementation Wrong"

Well, I can't think of a better headline than that, so I'm just going to link to the article. The important thing to note is that when you're making the move to IIoT, it's not just your IT staff that's along for the ride. It's a company-wide initiative, so be sure everyone knows their role and what the new systems, data, and insights mean to them.

Diving Deeper Into IoT

First, if you haven't already, make sure you check out our latest IoT-oriented Refcard: Messaging Infrastructure for IoT at Scale. It's a great look at how to handle communications for your devices as you bring more and more online.

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