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June in IoT: The Tinkerer's Edition (Part 2)

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June in IoT: The Tinkerer's Edition (Part 2)

For our second look at tinkering with IoT in June, see what you can do with Raspberry Pi or Arduino, like make a fireworks launcher or a GPS tracker.

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Well, it's too early to put out "July in IoT," so I guess I'll just do a Part 2 for June! With that in mind, here's where you can get caught up with some of the best DIY and tinkering-focused articles we've hosted on DZone in the past month or so as well some news from around the web!

As for the highlights, be sure to check out Zone Leader John Vester's phenomenal article about metting a new friend (thanks to a motion capture setup he created using a Raspberry Pi), learn how to build a GPS tracker using Sigfox, and familiarize yourself with Docker, MQTT, and time series data all at once!

And if you want some more interesting projects to try your hand at, we've got some ideas listed below that you can try your hand at, like building your own catapult or creating a firework launcher! Enjoy!

Connecting You With What's Cool

  1. Meet Rocky: An IoT Adventure, by John Vester. The combination of a new home, a Raspberry Pi, and a lost cat led to an adventure that allowed one family to solve a mystery and meet a new furry friend.
  2. The Building Blocks of an IoT Architecture, by Leona Zhang. This article will teach you more about the future of IoT and its expansion to new subindustries like healthcare, public services, and agriculture.
  3. Understanding and Using FreeRTOS Software Timers, by Erich Styger. Love hardware timers but wish there was a way to handle them programmatically (and with less overhead?) Take a look at FreeRTOS' software timers.
  4. Playing With Docker, MQTT, Grafana, InfluxDB, Python, and Arduino, by Gonzalo Ayuso. Take a look at how to gather and visualize IoT data using a time series database, MQTT for communication, Docker containers, and a handy Arduino.
  5. Build an End-to-End Sigfox GPS Tracker Using Wia and Pycom, by Austin Spivey. Get your prototyping hats on, it's time to build a GPS tracker. for this project, we'll use Wia, Pycom, and Sigfox as our communication protocol.

By the way, if you're interested in writing for your fellow DZoners, feel free to check out our Writers' Zone, where you can also find some current hot topics and our Bounty Board, which has writing prompts coupled with prizes.

IoT Around the Web

Happy Independence Day! (Time to Shoot Some Fireworks)

First off, happy Independence Day to my fellow Americans! July 4 is right around the corner — I can already smell the hotdogs and hamburgers cooking, and I've got plans to attend what's sure to be a great fireworks display. But what happens if there aren't any firework-type events going on near you?

Build your own fireworks controller, of course.

Just be safe!

Build a Catapult

Well, you don't scour the web and just keep going when you see "How to Make a Catapult With Arduino." There are rules to this internet thing, after all.

So... yeah, want to build a mini catapult? Turns out that it's pretty easy — just follow the steps in the guide up there and have fun! 

An Interesting Infographic

Recently, RS Components put out an infographic detailing some of the more unusual uses for a Raspberry Pi. If none of the projects I've linked to today have piqued your interest, maybe enhancing a Nerf gun or creating some sort of Orwellian world for your pets is more your style! Either way, check out some of their suggestions to see if you're inspired!

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