June in IoT: The Tinkerer's Edition

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June in IoT: The Tinkerer's Edition

This month, learn how to recover OpenSDA boards and see what kinds of cool things you can do with your Raspberry Pis, Echos, and Arduinos!

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I'm probably going to have to start delaying this series a couple of days because it's still May! Regardless, as we prepare to enter into June, let's look at what's been popular in the IoT space lately. Tinkerers and prototypers rejoice! There are new Arduinos out and plenty you can do with them! And as always, there's no shortage of cool things to do with your Pis and other devices. So, dig in and enjoy!

Connecting You With What's Cool

  1. Google I/O 2018 Marks a New Era for IoT Devices, by Ubaid Pisuwalah. With Google I/O behind us, let's see how Google is pushing forward in the realms of IoT and AI, and how devices and virtual assistants will evolve.
  2. Exploring Voice Control: Implementing Amazon Alexa Via Flask-Ask, by Vadim Sokoltsovh. Let's build a quick and easy Alexa skill using a custom HTTPS server (Flask-Ask in this example) rather than AWS Lambda to explore the ins and outs of voice-based UX.h
  3. Recovering OpenSDA Boards With Windows 10, by Erich Styger. OpenSDA boards haven't had the best history with Windows 10, but fortunately, there's a way you can recover those boards with a new feature.
  4. Advanced Raspberry Pi Traffic Lights Simulator, by Gunnar Peipman. This more advanced take on a traffic light simulator has an improved architecture and downloads schedules from a remote server.
  5. Raspberry Pi, Java, and the GoPiGo3 (Part 1): Setup, by Ken Fogel. Part 1 of this series tackles the basic setup of a GoPiGo3 robotic car and the various configurations you'll need as you set up and explore the platform.

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IoT Around the Web

Alexa + Raspberry Pi = Good Times

It's odd that I haven't posted this before, but if you're looking to bring voice controls to your Raspberry Pi, look no further. This quick little guide will get you started with AlexaPi, a piece of OSS that lets you get Alexa's voice controls to your Pi. See how to make your own homebrew Echo!

Arduino Brings Out New Boards

We can't let Raspberry Pis have all the fun! With that in mind, tinkerers will probably be happy with the two new MKR-family boards that Arduino announced in the middle of May. They're being produced with an eye on the NB-IoT and Cat M1 protocols, so if you want to play around with those, here are some boards to consider.

Building Your Own Weather Control Device

That header might be a tad dramatic, but whether you're in the northern or southern hemisphere, the weather's probably changing pretty drastically for you as summer/winter settles in. With that in mind, here's a helpful guide to building a device to control the temp and humidity of your environment!

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