June in Java: Java 9, Parsing, and Certification

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June in Java: Java 9, Parsing, and Certification

Take a look at the news from the past month in the Java world. June's big breaks involved parsing and logging and the (finally concluded) fight over Jigsaw.

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June was a busy month for Java, and not just because of the Java 9/JPMS showdown. Let's take a look at what folks in the Java-verse should know going into this week, whether it's about Jigsaw, logging, parsing, getting a certification, or looking back at friends/websites long past.

Coffee Break!

  1. 9 Logging Sins in Your Java Applications, by Eugen Paraschiv: This is an excellent checklist of what you absolutely shouldn't do when putting logging into an app. It takes security, performance, and clarity into consideration while outlining some worst practices. 

  2. Thoughts on Passing Oracle's Java Certifications, by Javin Paul: The beauty of this post isn't just in the information it provides, which is helpful and practical, but in the discussion it sparked in the comments as well. Some pointed out that certifications aren't always necessary, but where they are, this will help you with your upcoming OCPJP or OCAJP exam.

  3. Parsing in Java: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, by Gabriele Tomassetti: So nice, we did it thrice! This is a comprehensive overview of parsers in Java, from the fundamentals to a look at every major player in the parsing field, including looks at the differences between CFG and PEG parsers.

  4. Java Microservices: Code Examples, Tutorials, and More, by Angela Stringfellow: This is a solid article to get your feet wet with microservices in Java. It's particularly nice to see breakdowns of microservices in so many various frameworks, like Spring and Play.

  5. Spring Boot Development With Docker, by Sophia Parafina: Leave your OS worries behind! If you want to learn how to wrap your RESTful backend in a Docker container, this article is for you.

Java Around the Web

Java 9 Delayed, JPMS Approved!

As you almost assuredly already know, Java 9's release date has been pushed back to September to deal with the problems associated with Project Jigsaw. On the bright side, after a contentious May vote, the JMPS was unanimously approved at the end of June after the Executive Committee was satisfied that enough of the problems had been fixed.

Kotlin vs. Scala

Wondering when to use each of your favorite JVM languages (assuming your two favorites are Kotlin and Scala)? Here's a great breakdown of the languages' strengths, weaknesses, defining characteristics, and when they work best.

So Long, Java.net. (And Kenai)

It's a bit old at this point, but it's still worth mentioning. The historic Java.net and Kenai.com shut down in April. Hopefully, everyone got their projects migrated! Let's take a moment of silence to mourn the passing of these two juggernauts.

Who's Hiring?

Sr. Software Engineer "Machine Learning Experience - Java and Scala"
Accuro Group
Location: Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Experience:10 + years overall software development experience, including hands-on experience with Java, J2EE, Oracle, Scala, Middleware, application servers, big data ecosystem such as Hadoop, Spark.

Senior Java Software Developer
Location: Aurora, Colorado, United States
Experience: Current/active Secret to TS/SCI Clearance, and a minimum of 6 years professional Java experience

Diving Deeper Into Java

  1. Refcard: Reactive Microservices With Lagom and Java

  2. Guide: Java Development and Evolution

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