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BREAKING: Jury Finds Infringements in Oracle v. Google Copyright Case

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BREAKING: Jury Finds Infringements in Oracle v. Google Copyright Case

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The verdict for phase one of the Oracle v. Google trial has finally been read and what sources out of Twitter are saying indicate that some infringement was found on Google's end.

To help make it clearer, I've posted the questions that are being referred to in the verdict below.  Here are the main points of the partial verdict:

  • The jury found that Google did infringe on the overal structure, sequence, and organization of the 37 Java APIs in question (question 1A in the form below)
  • The jury could not decide whether the use of these APIs was "fair use"  (question 1B in the form below)
  • The jury decided that Google did not infringe on the documentation for the 37 Java APIs (question 2)
  • The jury says that Google did infringe on one of the code items listed in the form but not the other two items.  (question 3, twitter was not specific on which one)

In response to this Google is moving to have a mistrial on question 1.  That will be determined later after the two sides have prepared briefs on the motion.  Judge Alsup says he will decide in Phase 3 of the trial whether the infringement in question 1 was considered fair use, since the jury left that question blank.

Here's the form for more clarification:

We'll keep updating this story as more clarification on what this means comes to light.  For now, it's on to Phase 2 - the Patent Phase.  But let's leave you with the key takeaway for the greater developmer community-

Key Takeaway

In the first part of this trial, the jury was asked to assume that APIs are copyrightable.  With that assumption, they have found infringements on the APIs, but the question of their fair use and their overall copyrightability, in the end, rests solely on the shoulders of Judge Alsup.  His decision on these questions will be the determining factor as to whether all these doomsday scenarios in developer-world will play out as written by the broader tech media.

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