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Justin.TV Ruby and Python Video API is Now Available

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Justin.TV Ruby and Python Video API is Now Available

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Justin.tv has just released an API for their live video streaming.  Both Ruby and Python libraries are currently available.  The API, which has been in closed testing for about a month now, will now be available to anyone who wishes to use it, for free. Justin.tv’s internal network has capacity for some 100 million hours of video viewing per month. For some perspective, that’s roughly 2.5% of media giant Comcast’s capacity, but Justin.tv is run at a fraction of the cost.  The initial launch of the API will be supported by ads then eventually a payment platform will be built-in to the API as well for developers who wish to service live video ad-free. In those cases, there would be revenue sharing with Justin.tv. Still, the ad-supported free model makes it very compelling next to Stickam’s StreamAPI and Ustream’s offerings, both of which charge per view hour, but costs aside. But the key here is the access to the live video.

You can get access to the API and documentation on Justin.tv’s API wiki. You can also find the source code for Camtweet, which has been open-sourced, on Github.  I suspect we may see the other live video services follow suit with free, ad-supported APIs.

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