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JVM Language Summit 2008 Report

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Thoughtworker and DZone MVB blogger Ola Bini recently attended and blogged from the JVM Language Summit that took place in Santa Clara, California last month. The JVM Summit is a three day event organized by Sun Microsystems, bringing together some of the brightest minds from the Java community -- language designers, compiler writers, tool builders, runtime engineers, and VM architects. Ola's complete coverage from the show has been provided below:

JVM Language Summit - first day
"Just came back from the first day of the JVM language summit, and it’s been a very interesting day indeed. I made some bad morning choices - and spending some time fighting Notes - so I ended up arriving ten minutes into the first presentation."

JVM Language Summit - second day
"The second day started out with Gosling talking about some of his history and how that influenced the design and implementation of Java. Not extremely interesting, but a few funny soundbites. Best was probably the quote from Guy Steele: “Lisp is like a black hole”, meaning that if you design a language close enough to Lisp, Lisp ends up dragging it in and the language becomes Lisp."

JVM Language Summit - last day
"The final day of the language summit sported loads of interesting presentations, just like the first two days. I can’t over stress how well prepared these three days have been - especially with regards to the schedule. The third day also marked a departure from being mostly JVM centered."






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