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JxBrowser 1.0: cross-platform browser component for java applications


JxBrowser is the cross-platform library that enables integration of Mozilla Firefox browser into Java AWT/Swing applications. It works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms. The library uses the latest Gecko 1.9 layout engine for rendering HTML documents.

JxBrowser is implemented with the help of in-house java-to-native integration technology JNIWrapper and Mozilla JavaXPCOM bridge.

TeamDev is now happy to announce the commercial release of JxBrowser 1.0. During more than a year of EAP period we did our best to produce a real value to our users.

But 1.0 release is not the finish line, it is just the beginning. We have huge plans and loads of new features in mind. We are already working on new features, for example, new rendering engines support such as WebKit. Stay tuned for more updates.

NOTE: JxBrowser for MacOS X still has several outstanding issues and is released in Beta status.

To download JxBrowser and as usual evaluate it during 30 days go to http://www.teamdev.com/jxbrowser/downloads.jsf

Let us know what you think about JxBrowser at http://support.teamdev.com/jxbrowser

View screenshots:

1. Firefox 'about:mozilla' page opened in JxBrowser Demo application

2. Firefox downloads window integrated to JxBrowser Demo application

3. A PDF file opened in JxBrowser Demo application

4. Firefox view page source integrated to JxBrowser Demo application



Java Platform Integration Team
TeamDev Ltd.


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