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The virtual world, as well as the real one, has many positive and negative sides. You can find there plenty of useful information, set up a business, create art or even make new friendships. Unfortunately the real life shares with virtual also the elements from the dark side. Porn, violence and misinformation appear frequently as an online search results. To guarantee that your kid will take only the good things from this set of different types of content, you can do a lot of things like installing parental monitoring software on computer and mobile phone, but first of all you should take care of the following:

Rules at home

 Make a decision about number of hours that kids are allowed to spend in front of the computer. Creating and signing by both sides an agreement is also very good idea. Children then know the principles and the results of breaking them. When there are more than one kid in the household, parents can create schedule in such a way that for instance one child can use computer on Mondays and Wednesdays, whereas other can do it on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Introduction into the virtual world

 Similar to the real world, parents should also introduce somehow youngsters to the complex internet environment. It is obvious that that firstly, they should know it. That’s why it is important to learn about the web before you are going to introducing it to others. Few hours in front on the screen are not enough to get knowledge and indentify all threats. Using the internet in daily activities will bring you the experience and awareness of how the situation looks like.

Lesson about privacy

Child from the very beginning should know that sharing private information with others can be dangerous, especially:

  • Giving name, passwords, email address, phone number, home address;
  • Opening emails messages from strangers ;
  • Getting together with strangers met online;
  • Answering to messages from unknown people.

Also activity on social media websites should be considered during the lesson about the privacy. Young people like to share information about their life with others including photos and videos. That can be very risky as far as online grooming is concerned.

Location of the computer

All internet-connected devices should be placed in an open area so it will be much easier to look after kids’ activity in the net.  In this case all reactions of undesired content that appears on the screen will be more effective. Child should the taught to report every strange phenomenon that is taking place on the computer device.

Software that protects

Last thing that can be easily implemented in every household is the parental controls for internet. Thanks to that small but effective computer program parents can totally control online traffic that takes place trough the computer. It can be done by creating black list of websites and email. Scheduling possibility to use to computer and blocking chats and social networks. Software like that usually works in a background so kid is not aware that is controlled. This type of protection can be used to evaluate if our previous tries to educate youngster brought any results.

If you are interested in the topic of parental control for computer and you want to expand your knowledge about that, visit pcwebcontrol.com. PCWebControl internet parental controls is easy to use software that can control all activities that takes place on the computer device. Thanks to various features parents can control email box, websites traffic and even hours spent using computer.


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