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Keep your Smartphone from Getting Hanged

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Keep your Smartphone from Getting Hanged

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This is the era of smart phones. People rely on their smart phones more than any other thing in this world. No matter how advanced your smart phone is, at the end it is an electronic gadget and has its own limitations. There are a plethora of things that are going around in a smart phone, like you play games at the same time you want to access your social media accounts or your Gmail accounts, or at the same time you have to make or receive calls, have to chat with your friends, or a lot of other things you need to perform with your single device. At some point it will definitely ask for some rest. But if you are not providing any rest to your device and your phone is loaded with a huge number of applications, there comes an issue which is very commonly known as Hanging of the phone.

Hanging is when the processing of your phone becomes very slow and the pages take a lot of time to open up. If you are using an Android phone then you must be facing the similar problem. The main reason behind this hanging problem is that the RAM of these android phones cannot be expanded more than a limited space and can give problems within short period of times.

Given below are some useful methods by which you can solve this problem of hanging of your phone. Here are given some applications that will help you in keeping your smart phone updated with automatic scanning processes. All these applications are available in the Google play store free of cost.

Have a look at these Android mobile applications that will help you in updating your Android phone and keeping it safe from hanging.

1.  ES task manager: This particular application allow android users to clean their smart phones every time with updated scanning that is being scheduled manually. ES manager will take care of your smart phone with clear cache and the history along with the back-end running apps.

2.  App Cache Cleaner: It is a quick tool for clearing all your applications in the cached files. A single tap will clear all the cached files and will provide you more space.

3.  Clean master: It is very simple and safe. This is one of the world’s most downloaded Android applications that is available with security suite and helps in increasing the RAM. It keeps your smart phone free from junk files and protect them against the malware, viruses etc. More than 100,000,000 people are using this application for keeping their smart phone free from problems.

These cleaning apps will keep the memory of your phone clear of any waste material and will provide enough space to the internal memory to prevent it from hanging.


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