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Keeping API Communications in Shape With Workbench Blogging

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Keeping API Communications in Shape With Workbench Blogging

People always ask how I am able to generate so much content for the blog(s). The answer is staying in shape with workbench blogging.

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I consider about 75% of the content that I create on my network of sites to be workbench blogging in which I tell the story of what I am working on each day. You can see this approach in action with my friend Guillaume Laforge (@glaforge) over at Google, with his post on a day in the life of a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform. Guillaume is workbench blogging and pulling back the curtain on API operations a little bit, all while also keeping API communications flowing.

This type of blogging isn't about any specific API, feature, or products and services. Workbench blogging really isn't about people learning any particular thing. Instead, it is more about pulling back the curtain, humanizing API operations, generating a little SEO, while also keeping the communication pipes open. The more you write, the more easy it is to craft valuable stories. Not everyone will be reading these stories, but they are great for collecting your thoughts and even for communicating internally with other stakeholders.

Do you know how many times I have used my blog to recall what I worked on last week, last month, and even last year? I know that this type of storytelling isn't for everyone, but if you want to be able to create quality content you need practice. Writing regularly is much easier when you write regularly. It helps to have several different areas to write in because this allows you to avoid writer's block. You are shifting gears to a new topic or just blogging about what was accomplished that day. People always ask how I am able to generate so much content for the blog(s), and the answer is that staying in shape with workbench blogging is how I do it.

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