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Keeping Up with New JavaScript, HTML and CSS Projects

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Developers love things that are shiny and new, and, in a world where new JavaScript or CSS libraries are released faster than babies are born, it can be hard to keep up. I've maintained my own weekly update which recently moved to my Flippin' Awesome site (follow the news category for the weekly update), and one of the toughest pieces is finding not just new and updated projects, but worthwhile ones! This post is a thank you to some of the best resources that I rely on for that task.

Of course, for the most part I rely on people who create projects to promote them on their blogs, Twitter or elsewhere. Nonetheless, the following resources are especially valuable.

Web Developer Focused Sites

DailyJS is run by Alex Young and in addition to featuring great tutorials on topics like Node and AngularJS, it has weekly roundups covering newly released projects in JavaScript, Node and jQuery. I almost always find a new project worth highlighting in every one of his posts.

CoDrops has some of the most attractive and impressive demos and tutorials around. However, for the purposes of our discussion, Manoela Ilic (Mary Lou) also produces a weekly list of the best projects, tutorials and other posts around HTML, CSS and web design.

Badass JavaScript
Though it has been quiet very recently, Badass JavaScript by Devon Govett regularly shares some really awesome new projects. Rather than simply a rundown of new projects, each posts goes into some detail about the particular project.

Web Developer Focused Newsletters

I've covered this topic before more generally, but these newsletters always lead me to good projects.

HTML5 Weekly and JavaScript Weekly
Both of these newsletters maintained by Peter Cooper (the latter with the help of Axel Rauschmayer) always contain a list of new and updated projects. Somehow, this list always manages to include projects that were completely off my radar, but deserving of attention.

Web Tools Weekly
This newcomer on the newsletter scene is by Louis Lazaris and it is entirely focused on new and updated libraries. The first issue came out this week and hopefully this becomes another valuable resource.

Other Resources

Hacker News
Yes, it is tough to wade through the noise on this site, but frequently a gem will shine through. Keep in mind that this isn't always on the front page, but often is passing mostly ignored on the very busy newest feed.

It can take some digging, but if you follow the CSS-HTML and JavaScript categories (including especially the new posts feed), you'll often come across something valuable.

Learn why developers are gravitating towards Node and its ability to retain and leverage the skills of JavaScript developers and the ability to deliver projects faster than other languages can.  Brought to you in partnership with IBM.


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