Key Points Developers Should Focus for Excellent UX while Developing Business Apps

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Key Points Developers Should Focus for Excellent UX while Developing Business Apps

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User interface (UI) and User experience (UX) have become especially important in the context of enterprise applications. In case of UX, its significance multiplies since users are constantly switching between the oh-so-sleek apps on their smart-phones to enterprise software at their workplaces. A swipe here, a tap there and you get your work done.

In business, UX defines everything that a product or service has to offer to its users. By 'everything', we mean those attributes that a user values or finds meaningful. This maybe as basic as the appearance of the app to a more functional feature of how it is being used.

Great User Experience Enterprise Apps Development Tips

There are organizations who have been able to quantify the 'value' of an enterprise mobile app. Facebook paid $1 billion for Instagram who boasted of the best photo sharing UX in the industry. Apple and Samsung have been battling in courts for similar reasons – design patents and the iOS user experience.

So, what are some of the factors that are instrumental to the success of an enterprise app? We have listed the three most essential ones here.

  1. Know thy User: Research is the foundation of prosperity for any enterprise apps business. Whether you are dealing with internal or external users, it is essential for UX designers to figure out similar and dissimilar app usage habits. Often, enterprise users operate in distinct contexts and work-flows. The same application may have contrasting utility for someone using it within the organization versus someone outside it. Understanding behavior trails, their journeys and creating a personalized experience is where UX can really help an enterprise app outshine its competitors.
  2. Don't Ignore The Mobile: Everyone is going mobile. From new age game developers to behemoths such as Google. As as user, you and I desire a seamless experience on the web – when accessing it from our tablet or a phone. Functionality, work-flow and even the visual aspect needs to be consistent across devices. Changes made on a one platform need to be instantly reflected across devices.
  3. Prototype, prototype, prototype: It makes good business sense to ensure that apps will be successful once launched. Steps such as competitor analysis and usability testing aid in ironing out any performance issues before the app is actually deployed. UX can catch usability issues prior to development and it is always simpler to modify prototypes than code! In addition, including analytics into enterprise apps will enable a business to track user journey and clicks when he/she uses the app. This has the ability to generate insights that can help improve the UX for the end user and ultimately increase the likelihood of an enterprise app's success.

Partnering with the right team who understands the importance of UX in the success of an enterprise app is of prime importance. Find out if your technology partner has experience in developing enterprise apps and understands that scalability and quality are of the utmost importance for a solid Enterprise App.

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