Key Things to Consider for Enterprise Mobile App Development

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Key Things to Consider for Enterprise Mobile App Development

Learn how organizations have adapted to operating in mobile application environments with mobile applications made specifically for the enterprise.

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While we all know that mobile devices and mobile apps brought revolution to the world of business, the businesses with their continuous digital involvement in the last few years further changed the way we approach mobility in our daily life and for business use. Thus enterprise mobile apps came in a big way for the app developers and entrepreneurs. Enterprises came forward to utilize mobility for their business in more ways than one and in doing so they transformed the mobility, mobile apps and their workplace usability altogether. These tech savvy businesses and entrepreneurs adapting to the emerging mobile reality have made it possible for the growth of enterprise apps. They have not only set high standards in mobile apps specific for business use but they introduced mobility into every sphere of business operation.

An Array of Apps and Services Will Emerge From Business Processes

As business intelligence is increasingly getting critical for business processes there will be a multitude of new applications and services. For instance, from an emerging sales opportunity and demanding situation several applications and services can emerge as critical for processing information like document processing in SharePoint or Office 365, CRM dasta in Salesforce, and team discussions in chat apps. The typical draining of business information from various disconnected enterprise verticals will be impossible thanks to the new breed of mobile apps that process business information for further utilization or as raw material for business intelligence.

Real Time Business Intelligence Is a Great Outcome of Enterprise Apps

Using enterprise apps on their own device employees are more likely to engage better with business information and this is likely to translate into more inputs, feedbacks and real time participations from them. Any business from such robust participation will be benefited to a great extent, particularly in respect of gaining insights and views over different business processes from the employees. This accumulatively will pave the way to robust business intelligence and more participatory decision making process in any business. Enterprise mobile apps will revolutionize the way business insights are reached and deployed and decisions are made.

Enterprises Facing the Challenge to Keep Pace with Employees in Mobile Adoption

This is still a major concerning area that in many occasions is actually becoming a retardant factor in the growth of enterprise mobile app development. Most enterprises are now facing it hard to keep up pace with the speed of mobile adoption by their workforce. As BYOD environment is continuing to dominate and mobile expectations are on the rise enterprises are trying to be more responsive to this emerging situation and here mobile app developers have a bigger role to play. IT infrastructure in every business is now having bigger mobile focus which in the time to come will take over the whole business process.

BYOD is Becoming More Manageable and Reliable

In many large businesses still BYOD is not so much reliable as their traditional mode of data processing and networked computers in workplace. But there are several emerging storage and data management technology that helping to manage business information in personnel devices and thus BYOD is getting more manageable now. So called depreciating factors for mobility in workplace like fear for data loss and security threats will soon be a matter of past with new data management practices like Master Data Management (MDM). Obviously, this would help in replacing so called loosely adopted and informal BYOD by a more disciplined and managed BYOD approach.

Device Level Security Consolidation Will Make Mobile Adoption Easy

As far as security is concerned the mobile market will undergo a device level security consolidation with most demanded enterprise friendly features in the years ahead. This would to a great extent simplify the device infrastructure required for a business to unleash apps and deploy them in their business process guaranteeing full proof industry recognized security features. The rapid adoption of biometric technology as authentication measure is an example of this new dimension.

Persistent Focus on Enterprise File Sharing and Storage

In most workplace environment adoption of mobile devices is primarily concerned about access, sharing and storage of information across devices. As mobile focus is getting stronger in most business environment the accessibility and multi device sharing in real time will be dealt in the coming years with enterprise grade services and cloud based apps and services will play a major role in this. Cloud based IT governance and infrastructure is likely to take lead role in fuelling mobile enterprise.

Enterprise Mobility Will Be Crucial For Enhancing Productivity

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) is going to become a workplace strategy for increasing employee productivity. Thanks to the adoption of enterprise mobile apps in every sphere of business process employees will be enabled to get their work completed anytime, anywhere and without any constraint of device. If this is to increase general productivity for the company, this will at the same time make employee feel flexible and happy with more freedom. Naturally, it will help in making better workplace environment and retaining workforce. From these aspects it is clear that enterprises no more can treat mobile as just another add-on but rather as a truly effective strategic move to engage employees, gain more productivity and retain workforce for longer.

Small and Medium Enterprises Seeing Mobility as an Opportunity

Still enterprise mobile apps for business information processing largely remained a territory for companies having a dedicated IT strategy. It still remained out of reach for majority of small and medium enterprises. But, small businesses, even brick and mortar shops are increasingly finding potential of mobile apps to expand their customer base and market their products as well as services. This increasing interest in mobile will make them further interested in using such app for workforce and business process management. They represent the biggest horizon for enterprise mobile apps.

From business intelligence to better employee engagement to more productive work process and IT infrastructure to more control and flexibility in business process to least time space and device specific constraints in workplace, mobile apps in business environment will continue to make horizons meet.

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