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KeyBox: Web-Based SSH Access and Key Management

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KeyBox: Web-Based SSH Access and Key Management

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Q. On what systems do you need to protect and manage SSH keys?  

A. The ones you administrate! - It's that simple!

KeyBox combines key management and administration into one web-console. 

Setup accounts and profiles for your administrators and grant access to systems.

Administrators can login using two-factor authentication with FreeOTP or Google Authenticatior.  

From there they can open a terminal (or multiple) to any system defined in their profile. Commands can be shared by selecting terminal windows and files can be uploaded to any combination of systems.

Administrators can set their own public keys to use with systems in their profile(s).

"Full Access" users can disable any administrative key forcing rotation (as well as set their own keys).

Also, (if enabled) they can audit any administrative session.

Protocols are stacked (SSL/TLS on top of SSH) and no applets, flash, or any browser plugin needed. The client is written in  terms.js connecting via secure websockets to  JSch session(s) running on the server.

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