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Kick Your Productivity Way Up With WordPress Multipurpose Themes

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Kick Your Productivity Way Up With WordPress Multipurpose Themes

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 Whether you’re a newcomer or seasoned professional in web design and development arena, time is certainly your most precious resource. There’s no doubt you would get a number of projects from different types of clients every day. Because each project has a firm deadline, you have to complete it in an opportune and lucrative manner. In other words, as a web designer, you need to be as much productive as you can.

So basically the question is how to be more productive as a web designer? To answer this question, I've written this blog post, in which firstly, I’ll tell you how usual ways of developing WordPress sites can affect your productivity. After that, I’ll take a look at the emergence of multipurpose themes and give you some reasons to start using multipurpose theme for better productivity.

Let’s start!

Traditional Ways of Creating WordPress Sites

PSD to WordPress Conversion: Really a Tough Job

Converting a .PSD extension file into valid HTML/CSS code and then integrating it to WordPress is not as easy as you think. Strictly speaking, it’s the most complicated, time consuming and energy-depleting process that requires a web designer to code the entire website from the ground up. As a PSD file is made up of numerous independent layers, you have to hard code each layer to HTML code so as to meet the final design of the website.

Means, not only must you be expert in the entire process of converting a PSD file into WordPress  , must you be well-acquainted with Photoshop functionalities but you must also have enough time for all those stressful things: slicing, styling, fixing etc. Even if this method makes you feel like you’re giving your 100 percent, yet there is no guarantee your client will be satisfied with your work.

Classic Themes: Things of the Past

This is the second usual yet inefficient way of creating client websites on WordPress, which consists of basing a client’s project on a regular theme. If you think this route is affordable and ensures quick turnaround, then you’re infected with a big misconception. In fact, on the contrary, using a classic WordPress theme might be too expensive and counterproductive for you.

You must be wondering, how? Let me clear! As a web designer, you’re not approached by a single type of client, but you receive the abundance of requests coming from customers having different areas of interest. To cater to the individual needs of each client, every time you’ve to buy a different ready-made theme for every project. Hence, this option is not only a terrible waste of your money, but also affects your overall ability of being more productive.

Multipurpose Theme: One Stop for Any Kind of Design

Multipurpose themes had come into existence almost four years ago, when the web design industry desperately needed a more functional alternative to one-track themes. Initially, a multipurpose theme was a combination of two or more than two themes having extremely limited features. But if we talk about nowadays’ multipurpose themes, they’re relatively much more powerful and functional, and are specially crafted to open up a whole new world of possibilities in web design for users.

Believe it or not, a multipurpose theme can dramatically boost your performance as a web designer. Think, why would not anyone turn to a multipurpose theme for creating a variety of top-notch websites at a reasonable price? Obviously, a good multi-purpose theme is the secret of doing an exceptional job and making your client happy. Overall, if you’ve not get your hands on a multipurpose theme yet; you don’t realize what you’re missing: the real pleasure of working with a multi-purpose theme.

Why You Should Use a Multipurpose Theme?

A multipurpose theme doesn’t only work flawlessly across all platforms, but also saves you the trouble of creating a website from scratch or looking for a brand-new theme for every new project. Unlike a single-sided theme, a multipurpose theme is highly flexible, extremely customizable, fully responsive, search-engine friendly, performance-optimized and well-coded, having unlimited color schemes and incredible short-codes. Below are some solid reasons why multipurpose themes seem to be the future of WordPress:

  • One-Time Investment:

If you go for a multipurpose theme, there is no need to spend a hundred of dollars on a custom website design to get your business online. You just have to purchase a multipurpose theme only once for less than a hundred dollars and your website would be ready to go live in just a day or two.

  • Endless Customization Possibilities:

Multipurpose themes are created with multiple purposes in mind, so you could use it the way you like. With some simple tweaks, you can easily customize a multipurpose theme to give it a unique look and to fit your business’ requirements. Because of being fully customizable, a multipurpose theme looks up-to-date any time, functions right every time, and perfectly meets your needs all time in today's business world.

  • Perfect for Mobile Users:

Nowadays most of the people prefer to access internet on the go and want the website they’re accessing to be fully responsive. Almost all multipurpose themes are built with a mobile-friendly approach in mind and therefore, they look and function great across a wide array of mobile devices. Unlike other universal themes, multipurpose themes are perfect to use on tablets and smart phones.

  • Great Support:

Multipurpose theme comes with free lifetime updates and excellent customer support. So, once purchased, a multipurpose theme lets you focus on what you want to do, not on how you have to do. Isn’t it cool?

  • Thorough Documentation:

When you invest your money in purchasing an outstanding multipurpose theme, not only you get that theme but also a sturdy documentation that contains explanatory text and video tutorials. Thus, a multipurpose theme guarantees the smoothest learning curve and also leaves absolutely no room for misapprehension.


As you can see, using multipurpose themes to build WordPress sites for your clients is always a better choice. A multipurpose theme saves your three precious resources: time, energy and money, so you could be as much productive as possible. If you constantly avoid working with multipurpose themes, it may prove to be unproductive for you. Therefore, I strongly suggest you to Go Multipurpose.

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