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KidsCodeZone: Gaining a clearer sense of purpose

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KidsCodeZone: Gaining a clearer sense of purpose

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I'm delighted that several people have gotten in touch with me to share their enthusiasm for the idea of KidsCodeZone.com, and I'm even more delighted that there seems to be a wealth of useful knowledge about kids programming resources out there. The principal problem is that the knowledge is spread out in thousands of different places, so it isn't very easy to access and leverage it.

With that in mind, I think one of the primary jobs here at KCZ must be to assemble and organize the collective wisdom of the community. This can be a gathering spot and a clearinghouse for any and all information related to introducing kids to the world of programming. We can have book and product reviews, recommendation lists, collections of good tips and tricks, pointers to useful videos, podcasts and feature articles, examle projects, curricula and lesson plans and more. Beyond that, I hope we can provide a warm, friendly, welcoming place where anyone trying to help young learners can turn for assistance and support.

I expect that our forums will be operational in the coming week or so, which will provide a nice tool for those seeking help with specific questions. Meanwhile, I encourage anyone with an interest in contributing to pop in with a comment, or send me a private message or email me. I'll have difficulty doing this all alone, so I am crossing my fingers that several energetic co-leaders for this zone will stand up and step forward.


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