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To begin with, I must thank Michael Kölling for this excellent posting that inspired me to act on something I have wanted to do for a long time: create a resource devoted to helping kids learn programming. As a father of four beautiful daughters, it has become altogether too clear to me that schools aren't doing nearly enough to introduce young people to the wonderful world of software development. Even to the extent they are, they aren't starting early enough, and they aren't setting sights high enough!

I'd like your help to make "Kids Code Zone" a great resource that helps turn this problem around. No brains burn brighter than those of young people, and with the right environment and tools there is no limit to what they can enjoy learning. Programming is not boring, and it is not something that requires a Ph.D. to do. It is a richly fulfilling hobby that can grow into a lifelong passion with enormous career potential.

Let's begin here and now to make that possible for kids who haven't had the chance until now. With your help we can make "Kids Code Zone" a stepping stone into the bright futures of some of tomorrow's leaders. Please jump in and get involved. The more, the merrier!


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