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Kin Lane Is Back!

Earlier this summer, Kin Lane stepped down from apievangelist.com for an indefinite period of time. Now, he's back, and we're excited!

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Earlier this summer, we witnessed Kin Lane's departure from apievangelist.com. Though we were pretty bummed to see such a strong voice step back from writing, we completely understood and backed Kin's decision, feeling thankful that we were able to share his many excellent posts on API management with the DZone community.

In Kin's final post prior to his return, he expressed his gratitude to the community, saying:

I am incredibly humbled by the community's response, and honestly, I'm not well equipped to deal with this type of attention. I know there are some folks out there who think I am some sort of attention seeker, but that is the part of all of this that I really struggle with the most. I have to step aside from myself to be able to write. Otherwise, I'm left incapacitated.

I am incredibly thankful for the API community. I have had the bar set pretty high for this community throughout the last six years, and you managed to raise it beyond what I had already set in my mind. I kindasorta thought some of you were reading my rants, but it kind of terrifies me now how many of you actually were. 

And yes, there were quite a number of followers reading Kin's "rants." Actually, there were 187 followers willing to donate the money (just over $30,000) to keep apievangelist.com up and running indefinitely. And, while there were other offers, Kin accepted the community's bid.

So, that secured apievangelist.com in the right hands, but the blog and Twitter account were understandably put on hiatus...

Then there was this tweet:

Image title

...linking to this post.

And while Kin admits to having a bit of trouble getting back into the swing of writing, he's definitely working through it. In the two days since his come back, he's got four new posts on apievangelist.comthree on kinlane.com, and four incredibly fun reads on alternate.kinlane.com. And, I wouldn't doubt that I'm leaving a fourth (and possibly fifth) blog out. Please point me to them if I am...

Needless to say, we are super pumped about Kin's return to writing and apievangelist.com. His commitment to spreading knowledge and promoting the use of open web APIs paired with his dedication to the developer community make him one of our strongest contributors on DZone. While his humble attitude toward his very obvious impact in the space paired with his love for and sense of responsibility to his family make him a role model for us all.

Welcome back, Kin. We missed you!  

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