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KinectContrib Templates for Visual Studio 2012 Now Available

If you develop applications that use the Kinect SDK, you are probably familiar with my project – KinectContrib. It allows developers to easily create Kinect-based applications from the File->New Project dialog in Visual Studio instead of relying on developer samples. Today I added some modifications to the default installation package, that allows templates to be installed in the RTM build of Visual Studio 2012.


Currently you get support for three programming languages: C#, Visual Basic and F#. All three carry three starting project types: video, skeleton and depth.

I will be soon retiring the the ZIP option, so that developers will have a better time getting the templates to work without having to worry about all the plumbing that goes underneath.

You can download the latest installer here.

VISUAL STUDIO 2010 USERS: The installer for the previous release of Visual Studio is located here.

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