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Knockout JS Error: Uncaught Error: NoModificationAllowedError

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While trying to setup some bindings in Knockout I received the following error:

Uncaught Error: NoModificationAllowedError: DOM Exception 7

At first glance this was very odd to me as I have never seen this before.  Because I had made a few binding changes prior to my last refresh, I was not sure what was causing the error. In order to find out which was the culprit started removing one binding at a time until I found which binding was causing the issue.  Below is the binding which was bad, can you detect the issue?


If you don’t see the issue don’t worry, it took me a minute as well.  Below is the same code w/ the issue highlighted


In my carelessness I had used the text binder rather than the value binder.  This is NOT going to work when trying to binding to an input box, which makes perfect sense.  To resolve the issue I simply replaced my binder as below and everything worked correctly.


I understand why this fails but the error it produces is not very clear.  But remember anytime you get a binding error in Knockout make sure you are using the correct binder.

Till next time,

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