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Knockout Template and DOM access race conditions

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Knockout Template and DOM access race conditions

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I am working on a learning project and I am using the Knockout JS template bindings along w/ the Knockout External Template engine.  Things were working as expected until I wanted to add a pager to my list. 

The issue is that the Bootstrap Paginator needs access to the underlying DOM in order to build the paging component.  However, the because the fetching of the template and the loading of the DOM are both async I was having issues because in some cases my HTML would return prior to my data and everything work as expected but in other cases my data would load first and the DOM would not be ready. 

In the cases when my DOM was not ready I would not be able to get access to the DOM element in order to have my pager built.  What I needed was a way to be notified once the DOM was loaded.  Fortunately for me template binder exposes a ‘afterRender’ method which I could use to build my pager.  Once I hooked up this afterRender correctly I was able to remove the race condition and I was happy :)

Here is my original binding setup WITHOUT the ‘afterRender’:


Here is my updated bindings to use the ‘afterRender’


Hope this helps someone.

Till next time,

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