Knowledge Management and Productivity in the Cloud

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Knowledge Management and Productivity in the Cloud

Mentorship needs to be instilled in the culture of every organization. Documenting knowledge and incorporating mentor programs into operations are important for success.

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I had the good fortune to spend some time talking to Ravi Gundlapalli, CEO of MentorCloud, to learn how they help companies improve their knowledge management, productivity, and collaboration.

Here's a summary of our discussion:

  • How is your firm currently measuring knowledge and productivity? 
    It’s all about learning a new skill, a new approach, or a strategy in an accelerated fashion—learning in context. Knowledge executives have needs to distribute the knowledge of the organization throughout the organization. 

    Mentoring can take place in the same company or outside. We help companies tap into the knowledge that’s already inside the organization. You need to distribute the knowledge of the top 20 percent of employees throughout the company. 

    There are several benefits in doing so: 1) employees learn and bond, 2) learning in context with real-life examples is particularly effective, and, 3) passing on institutional wisdom so the company’s overall knowledge and skill level goes up. When the knowledge flow is better, the organization is more effective.

  • How do you define knowledge? 
    What experienced employees know.

  • How do you define productivity? 
    Getting projects done in less time as a result of having the knowledge.

  • What are the most important elements of knowledge retention? 
    Being able to harness the knowledge that’s already available in the workplace:
  • What are the most important elements of productivity? 
    Empowering people to get more done in less time by giving them access to the knowledge they need to get the job done.
  • How has your measurement of knowledge and productivity evolved? 
    We optimize the knowledge supply chain.
  • What’s the future of knowledge and productivity measurement? 
    The future has no boundaries. Workforces can build strong bonds, learn from each other, and work for a common goal regardless of where they’re learning from.
  • What have I failed to ask that you think we need to consider with regard to knowledge and productivity? 
    A huge missing element is how to document knowledge and inculcate mentorship in the enterprise. Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, and Warren Buffet all talk about how important mentors have been to them, but you don’t see enterprises integrating mentors into their operations. It’s a "nice to have" rather than a "must have." It’s an important, mainstream topic and strategy that can transform companies. You need to be able to celebrate success stories. Social networking is good, but there’s so much more opportunity to build social learning networks.

DZone is committed to helping organizations learn faster and succeed through shared knowledge. What does your firm do to collect and share knowledge in order to promote collaboration amongst employees.

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