Kotlin and Swift: Best Programming Languages to Boost Developer Productivity

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Kotlin and Swift: Best Programming Languages to Boost Developer Productivity

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Kotlin and Swift can lead to productivity.

Kotlin and Swift can help programmers to be more productive.

Reviewing the developer's productivity is going to be the hardest task. There has been the implementation of many tools to measure productivity and understanding the process of software development. A skilled developer knows his pathway to improve his productivity by acquiring new skills along with new programming languages. They are not only following the trend but also becoming competent in their work. Every year, there is an evolvement of at least one new programming language and if you are a mobile app developer you should start learning on the same.

In recent years, renowned mobile app development companies tend to adopt the two most important programming languages — Kotlin and Swift which is a boon to the Android as well as iOS app developers respectively.

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What Is Kotlin?

Built on LLVM compiler architecture and function on Java Virtual Machine, Kotlin has been specifically designed to resolve Java issues. It is an open-source programming language developed by JetBrains having a fusion of project-oriented and functional programming features. Similar to Java Structure, Kotlin has got the implementation of new features, cleaner syntax, enhanced security, clarity as well as tooling support. In simpler words, Kotlin offers cent percent interoperability with Java.

Hire mobile app developers who will easily have the skill to call Java code from Kotlin and vice versa. Both Java and Kotlin has got the same bytecode, thus, making it easier for the developers to start working with Kotlin pretty easily.

Kotlin Boosting Developer's Productivity

Clear and Concise Code

Kotlin has got a clear and concise code that makes it easier to read. Kotlin can solve all problems with the use of only a few lines of code. This further paves the way for more reliable code with lesser bugs. A functional programming paradigm is supported by Kotlin which is way better than Java 8. The functional aspects of Kotlin are more concise and come with proper function types.

Along with the enhanced readability and maintainability, this will further help in the improvement of the developer's productivity by acquiring the benediction of object declaration, parameter values as well as extension functions. All the new functionality of Kotlin paves the pathway to speed up development work.

Safer and Easier To Maintain

Kotlin has been specifically designed for the prevention against common programming bugs which might occur through Java. To enthuse you with information, Kotlin has got the functionality of built-in null-safe operators. This further helps the developer to increase his productivity as it becomes easier to catch nulls during compile time. There is no more stress of the app crashing up.

Not only this, Kotlin presents you with a simpler and safer way to come up with the functioning of parcel able serialization with the use of single annotation known as @Parcelize. Kotlin's coroutines will help in curating sync code in a blocking fashion which becomes possible to focus on the data completely.

Completely Bug-Free

Why Kotlin has been a boon for the Android mobile app developers? The reason for this is that it has allowed the developers to catch bugs in the compiler time and not in the runtime. This has turned out to portray the pre-eminence of the statically typed programming language as the type is completely related to the variable and just not the values assigned to the same.

Support for IDEs and Tools

Kotlin has got the complete tooling support through the IDE applicable mainly for Android Studio 3.0. Before you need to implement the Kotlin plugin but with the latest release of the Android Studio, the available tools are built-in. This further lets quick conversation of Java language code and easy debugging for paving the right juncture to developer's productivity, commencing right from framework language to tools.

What Exactly Is Swift?

iOS developer company are curating apps for iPhone and iPad. One of the wisest decisions for iOS app developers would be to learn Swift. It is a powerful intuitive open-source programming language developed Apple for all operating systems it has. This further includes iOS, macOS tv OS, as well as Linux. Curated with LLVM compiler infrastructure, Swift has been specifically designed to replace Objective C for the development of iOS apps.

Swift supports the functionality of many programming languages. The developers will have the benediction of acquiring a framework where you will be able to work in different styles, writing interacting coding which is going to be clear and concise. Apart from the same, it has got impeccable features drawing developer's attention like enhanced speed, safe and secure apps.

Not only this, Swift allows Cocoa developers to work efficiently with object-oriented features, helping them to develop apps with the performance and power they need.

How Swift Helps In Boosting The Productivity Of iOS Developers?

1. Concise and Expressive Syntax

The syntax of Swift is more concise, has to streamline coding and is easily readable in English. The Method and Functional Calls implemented in syntax make use of comma which is a separate list of parameters along with the parenthesis. This is mainly the standard industry-related usage. The readability features of Swift further allow the iOS developer to apt for the enhanced functionality of Swift through the different languages into their toolchains. This includes JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, and C++.

2. Easy Maintenance Of Code

The important aspects that further makes coding easier to handle are easy maintenance and readability. With the use of unified files, Swift has got the power to curate incredible data structures helping in the improvement in the coding quality as well as boosting the program reliability. Not only this, the iOS development company will hire iOS app developers who will be able to make the code reusable and maintenance is easier with low integration costing.

3. Bug-Free

Absence of Nil object help in fixing bugs in the code preventing it from runtime crashes. This nil has got the functionality of "?" syntax which is a boon for the developers to fix the issue within moments. A developer can detect bugs in compile-time and also implement the generation of compiler error, fixing the issue, saving testing time and preventing possible chances of the app from crashing.

4. Enhanced Speed

Another of the leading features of Swift is its lightning speed. With the myriad of object-oriented features including generics, operators, type inferences and so much more, swift is highly used to build complex applications. Developers take the functionality of Swift to create apps faster in comparison to Objective-C and Python.

Final Words

Developers need to understand the importance of emerging programming languages that play a greater role in their productivity. You as a developer will be able to curate clean and shortcodes, fix bugs easily, safe and secure coding design, readable syntaxes and more. With Swift and Kotlin, developers will be able to enhance the structure and functionality of mobile app development.

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