Kotlin: Better Than Java for Mobile Development? You Tell Us!

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Kotlin: Better Than Java for Mobile Development? You Tell Us!

Java just barely won the day in our recent Smackdown, but we know you Kotlin-ites are out there. Check out these tutorials to get started with Kotlin development!

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You might have seen our Zone Leader Smackdown webinar on Friday, where the topic of debate was Java versus Kotlin. Java may have come out on top, but our poll showed that many viewers were swayed to the Kotlin side, especially for use in mobile development. To help out our budding Kotlin enthusiasts, we're bringing you this review of some Kotlin tutorials and other content to get you started, and even apply Kotlin to your existing Java applications!

Do you believe that Kotlin is better for developing mobile apps than Java is? Let us know!

Image titleKotlin for Android Development

  1. Kotlin on Android: Now Official, by Maxim Shafirov. Read this report on the announcement at Google I/O to get some details on official Android support for Kotlin.

  2. An Introduction to Kotlin for Android Development, by Adam Sinicki. Why use Kotlin over Java? Kotlin lets you type less code, it eliminates null references and checked exceptions, and is interoperable with Java to boot. See more benefits in this article.

  3. Code Improvements With Kotlin, by Nicolas Frankel. It takes time in a new language to write idiomatic code. Here is an example of making Kotlin more like Kotlin and less like Java.

  4. Java vs. Kotlin: First Impressions Using Kotlin for a Commercial Android Project, by Pedro Lima. Kotlin can be used instead of Java in Android mobile development, for simpler and cleaner code with way less bloat. This tutorial shows you how to get started.

  5. Authenticating Android Apps Developed in Kotlin, by Bruno Krebs. In this tutorial, you can learn to use JWTs to secure a Kotlin Android app, using AuthO to issue a token to communicate with the API.

Kotlin for Existing Code

  1. Retrofitting on Android With Kotlin, by Segun Famisa. This tutorial looks at how to use Kotlin with the Retrofit library and RxJava to consume basic REST APIs in Android.

  2. On Strategies to Apply Kotlin to Existing Java Code, by Enrique Lopez Manas. Here are some programming ideas for those who have been using Java, but are planning to start migrating to Kotlin.

Are there any blanks you're dying to fill in? Do you have any cool projects or helpful techniques using Kotlin? Let us know in the comments, or you can write your own tutorial for DZone!

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