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Reflection on the Hadoop Summit

Check out John Kreisa's thoughts as he looks back on the Hadoop Summit in San Jose.

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I was back ‘home’ for Hadoop Summit San Jose last week and I have to admit, it was fantastic to be hosting our customers and partners from across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia! It was a true testament to the relationships I’ve seen develop first hand within our international business over the past 12 months or so since moving to London.

It was a special community event on many levels but not least because we were celebrating 10 years of Hadoop (yes, it’s a celebration that will go on throughout its 10th year!) and Hortonworks’ 5th anniversary.

My main observation from the Summit was really around how the community has grown. In terms of its size, there were over 4,000 attendees, but it's mainly grown in terms of the maturity of the conversation has shifted. When we first started the company, it was all about the technology whereas today, it is about the business value that customers are gaining with the technology. It was underlined by over 20 Hortonworks’ customers presenting in the business track, including our very own EDF who flew over from France to do so.

Not all customers choose to make the journey to San Jose for Hadoop Summit so it’s great to land back in London to a new partner and customer video from the Netherlands too. Whether a technical deep dive, a business breakout session or a 3-minute summary, the variety of our customer use cases with Connected Data Platforms continue to grow every day.

KPN is both a long time customer and a partner of Hortonworks headquartered in the Netherlands with a wide variety of strings to its bow as a telecommunications service provider to commercial and residential customers and as well as an IT services and consulting business.

KPN offers Hadoop-as-a-Service to its corporate customers and its own line of business departments. It is a great example of a data-driven organization which is driving change to both its operational processes as well as the customer experience it delivers.

Dutch Railways has been working with Hortonworks and KPN Consulting to take all of its centralized data from trains, tracks, and stations and analyze it against train outage trends. By doing so, Dutch Railways is able to determine if they could have predicted the outage and therefore, avoided the negative impact on customer service and saved costs related to bigger mechanical problems. For example, they were able to show in one instance how a wheel bearing started to overheat gradually two months before a particular outage so thanks to KPN and Hortonworks Data Platform, it was entirely avoidable thanks to predictive analysis for early detection.

In Hortonworks new video, Fred Heukels talks through KPN’s experience with Hortonworks as well as the Dutch Railways use case in more detail. I have to say, Fred’s sentiment around picking compelling use cases where you can make an impact for the business quickly resonates entirely with what I heard at Hadoop Summit San Jose last week and what we’ve seen with our more successful customers over the past 5 years.

Now that I’m back in London, here’s to an uneventful rail commute into the City… and if not, maybe my next stop is the Netherlands.

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