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On Developing MongoDB for the Last 5 Years - Author of the MongoDB Refcard

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On Developing MongoDB for the Last 5 Years - Author of the MongoDB Refcard

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If you haven't already, you should check out DZone's latest Refcard, titled "MongoDB: Flexible NoSQL for Humongous Data  ."  This card is a handy reference for anyone who plans on using 10gen's popular open-sourced NoSQL solution.  The Refcard was authored by Kristina Chodorow, a 10gen employee who has been working with Mongo for the last 5 years and co-author of O'Reilly's MongoDB: The Definitive Guide.  Kristina was kind enough to answer a few questions about the Refcard.  Enjoy.

DZone: Tell us about your expertise with MongoDB - what's your professional background?

Kristina Chodorow:  I've been working on MongoDB for the last 5 years.  I've worked on the client libraries, the MongoDB kernel, and done lots of user support and consulting.  I've also written a couple of books on MongoDB for O'Reilly.

DZone: What are some interesting projects you're working on now or will be working on in the future?

Kristina Chodorow:  I'm currently working on MongoDB's query optimizer.  We're reworking a lot of the query internals to be able to choose indexes more intelligently and use more indexes per query.  I'm also working on the second edition to MongoDB: The Definitive Guide.

DZone: MongoDB has grown to become a popular NoSQL solution - what do you think sets it apart?

Kristina Chodorow:  I think a lot of MongoDB's success is because it's easy-to-use.  There's a lot of talk about scaling, speed, and features that get people to try it, but I think most people stick with it because they realize they can get their work done much faster and easier with it.

DZone: Please give readers a quick descriptions of what they will get from this Refcard.

Kristina Chodorow: This card contains a list of the most commonly used tidbits developers need to know when using MongoDB: query, update, and aggregation operators and a variety of options and setup tips.

DZone: What are some interesting tech reads that you want to suggest to DZone readers?

Kristina Chodorow: How to Spot a Psychopath (http://www.howtospotapsychopath.com) has great, crazy experiments about everything from electronics to explosives.  Server Density (http://blog.serverdensity.com) has super-useful posts on deploying MongoDB and server admin in general.  My coworker Jesse Jiryu Davis has an awesome blog (http://emptysquare.net) that covers Zen and hardcore Python development.


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