Kubernetes Plugin for Jenkins 1.0

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Kubernetes Plugin for Jenkins 1.0

The Kubernetes Plugin for Jenkins 1.0 has been released and includes fixes and updates to bring everything up to date. Have a look at the complete list.

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A Jenkins plugin to run dynamic slaves in a Kubernetes cluster. It automates the scaling of Jenkins slaves running in Kubernetes.

The plugin creates a Kubernetes Pod for each slave started, defined by the Docker image to run, and stops it after each build.

The Kubernetes Plugin for Jenkins 1.0 includes support to get container logs from the pod, Kubernetes API auto configuration and lots of bug fixes.

The full changelog:

  • containerLog step to get the logs of a container running in the agent pod JENKINS-46085 #195
  • Autoconfigure cloud if kubernetes url is not set #208
  • Change containerCap and instanceCap 0 to mean do not use JENKINS-45845 #199
  • Add environment variables to container from a secret JENKINS-39867 #162
  • Deprecate containerEnvVar for envVar and added secretEnvVar
  • Enable setting slaveConnectTimeout in podTemplate defined in pipeline #213
  • Read Jenkins URL from cloud configuration or KUBERNETES_JENKINS_URL env var #216
  • Make withEnv work inside a container JENKINS-46278 #204
  • Close resource leak, fix broken pipe error. Make number of concurrent requests to Kubernetes configurable JENKINS-40825 #182
  • Delete pods in the cloud namespace when pod namespace is not defined JENKINS-45910 #192
  • Use Util.replaceMacro instead of our custom replacement logic. Behavior change: when a var is not defined it is not replaced, ie. ${key1} or ${key2} or ${key3} -> value1 or value2 or ${key3} #198
  • Allow to create non-configurable instances programmatically #191
  • Do not cache kubernetes connection to reflect config changes and credential expiration JENKINS-39867 #189
  • Inherit podAnnotations when inheriting pod templates #209
  • Remove unneeded plugin dependencies, make pipeline-model-extensions optional #214
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