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Kubernetes Plugin for Jenkins 1.5

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Kubernetes Plugin for Jenkins 1.5

Take a look at the new features, bug fixes, and stability improvements since version 1.0 of the Kubernetes Plugin for Jenkins.

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15 releases have gone by in 7 months since 1.0 last September

There have been some interesting new features since 1.0 and a lot of bugfixes and overall stability improvements. For instance, now you can use YAML to define the Pod that will be used for your job:

def label = "mypod-${UUID.randomUUID().toString()}"
podTemplate(label: label, yaml: """
apiVersion: v1
kind: Pod
    some-label: some-label-value
  - name: busybox
    image: busybox
    - cat
    tty: true
) {
    node (label) {
      container('busybox') {
        sh "hostname"

You can use the readFile step to load the YAML from a file in your Git repo.

  • Allows creation of Pod templates from YAML. This allows setting all possible fields in Kubernetes API using YAML: JENKINS-50282#275
  • Supports passing kubeconfig file as credentials using secretFile credentials: JENKINS-49817#294

You can find the full changelog on GitHub.

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