Lack of Seriousness In Cybersecurity, Transparency, and Blockchain [Podcast]

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Lack of Seriousness In Cybersecurity, Transparency, and Blockchain [Podcast]

Want to learn more about one executives thoughts on cybersecurity? Check out this podcast with Mike D. Kail on cybersecurity, blockchain, and more.

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Joining us this week is Mike D. Kail, previous CTO of Cybric and Yahoo’s CIO and SVP of Infrastructure.


  • RANT Cast on cybersecurity regulations from governments
    • Security is important but NOT a priority
  • Culture around security is lacking
  • Time for security technology to include UI testing and consider user experience
  • Confusing on not-working security settings and profit motives
    • Security through transparency
  • Accountability of provider in turning off security based on requests
  • Definition on distributed ledgers/blockchain and scalability challenges
  • Promise of blockchain and good application for it/digital identity
  • Zero-trust security overview
  • Equifax example and regulations 

Podcast Overview

Topic                                                                                           Time (Minutes.Seconds)

Intro on Introduction Music Not Happening                      0.0 – 0.59
Introduction                                                                                0.59 – 2.54
RANT Cast Overview                                                                2.54 – 3.50 (Eric Wright Podcast)
Mike’s RANT on Gov’t Legislate Security (e.g. GDPR)         3.50 – 6.26
Does Gov’t have a Responsibility?                                         6.26 – 7.40
Fix Usability for Security Tools                                                7.40 – 9.16
Impact of Facebook / Security Settings Complexity          9.16 – 17.03 (Camera Example)
Permission to Access NOT Analyze It                                    17.03 – 21.14
Distributed Ledgers / Blockchain                                           21.14 – 23.20
Promise of Blockchain                                                               23.20 – 25.05
Digital Identity & Authentication                                              25.05 – 28.02
Controlling Access to Distributed Ledgers                            28.02 – 32.36
Equifax Example                                                                         32.36 – 35.30
Will Gov’t Step in Eventually                                                    35.30 – 37.28
Wrap Up                                                                                       37.28  – END

Podcast Guest:  Mike D Kail

For the past three years, Mike D. Kail was Cybric’s CTO and responsible for the strategic vision and technical direction of the Cybric Platform. Prior to joining Cybric, Mike was Yahoo’s CIO and SVP of Infrastructure, where he led the IT and Global Data Center functions for the company. He has more than 25 years of IT Operations experience with a focus on highly-scalable architectures.

Previously, Mike served as VP of IT Operations at Netflix, where he was responsible for Employee Technology and various engineering components. Before that role, Mike was VP of IT Operations at Attensity, where he was responsible for the Americas Data Center Operations team, including managing various big data systems with their Hadoop cluster, HBase, and MongoDB components.

He has been widely recognized for his insightful industry commentary on social media and was recently named by the Huffington Post as one of the “Top 100 Most Social CIOs on Twitter.”

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