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Language-Oriented Programming in Action: An Introduction to MPS - Meta Programming System

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Language-Oriented Programming in Action: An Introduction to MPS - Meta Programming System

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If you are attending Devoxx this year you may be interested in joining JetBrains hands-on MPS session on Day 1, November 15th from 9:30 - 12:30.

What is MPS?

JetBrains Meta Programming System (MPS) is an open-source framework addressing the task of creation, extension and combined use of Domain Specific Languages (DSL's). Primarily focused on IDE/code-generation features for new languages, this framework allows you to dynamically create extensions to existing languages and immediately use new language constructions in program code. JetBrains MPS implements Language Oriented Programming (LOP) ideas, which are gaining more and more attention today. In other words, MPS is a reference implementation of the future software development paradigm. 

What can you expect?

During this hands-on session, participants will be guided through a new language creation in MPS, which will help them better understand the MPS approach and learn its basic features, as well as try the recently released DSL debugger. You will be able to ask MPS developers deeply technical questions, and at the end we are planning an informal discussion about LOP in general.

For more information on Labs at Devoxx please continue here.


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