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Large-Scale, RESTful Enterprise Integration

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Another superb guest post is up on Martin Fowler's blog today.  This one is about a topic that doesn't get a lot of coverage outside of DZone, Enterprise Integration. 

Here was a pointed introductory paragraph from the article:

Many online discussions of REST dive into minutiae about content types and hypermedia as the engine of application state (HATEOAS), but leave off any advice for the engineering and management practices needed to make REST work for large integration projects. My hypothesis is that success in such projects has much less to do with understanding the nuances of HATEOAS, and much more to do with understanding such aspects as your deployment and testing strategies.

Brandon Byars

Here are two lessons outlined in the article:

  • Define logical environments - one for each need

  • Vendor packages complicate environment creation

Definitely check out the article to understand these lessons in detail.

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