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Lark: A "RESTy" Interface for Redis

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Lark: A "RESTy" Interface for Redis

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Redis users might be interested in Lark, a new Python library designed to transform an HTTP request into a Redis command and provide a "RESTy" interface. According to the creator, Alex Kessinger, the features are as follows:

  • Has a RESTy interface ie. POST for writes, GET for reads, and DELETE for, well, deletes
  • Automatic JSON serialization and deserialization for redis values
  • Automatic key prefixing for multi-user environments
  • Fully tested adapters for Flask and Django
  • Support for scope based authorization with an eye towards hooking up with flask-oauthlib
  • While rough, documentation is available for all supported methods

You can find the details, all the code, and a quick-start guide to help you get started on Kessinger's GitHub page.


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