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At last, putting your NetBeans JavaFX project under Hudson!

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Well, in the last year I've got sort of addicted to Hudson: I really feel strange if any project I'm working on is not put under the control of my Hudson installation. It was hard for me to survive some time with my first serious JavaFX project and no Hudson - but there was no big choice as my Hudson runs under Linux (and I didn't want to mess up on my CI server with the tricks with the JavaFX SDK for Mac OS X).

Now that we have JavaFX 1.2 for Linux the stress is over. Putting my project under Hudson was straightforward:

  1. Install the JavaFX SDK on the server and take note of the installation path (in my case /home/fgiudici/javafx-sdk1.2).
  2. Configure a freeform job under Hudson and set all the usual Ant stuff.
  3. Just add "platforms.JavaFX_1.2_SDK_.fxhome=/home/fgiudici/javafx-sdk1.2" in the Ant Properties tab

The platform name, of course, depends on the name you gave to it. Have a look in your $HOME/.netbeans/6.5/build.properties to see how it is encoded.

That's it. Of course, this works for JavaFX projects made with NetBeans.

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