Last Week in Mobile (Jan 22)

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Last Week in Mobile (Jan 22)

Better late than never - a look at the mobile news from last week.

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Have you ever wondered if Apple is Using Swift in iOS? While you're investigating utilization, check Are the Top Apps Using Swift?

If you've been thinking about creating your own iOS framework, it's worth looking at the intricacies in Creating Your First iOS Framework.

Become a Swift pro with Swift Tricks Revisited.

Learn how to Create App Store Screenshots with Sketch.

Some useful projects; 

  • Knuff: The debug application for Apple Push Notification Services 

  • CoreDragon: Drag and drop functionality, even between applications!

  • FolioReader: A Swift ePub reader and parser framework for iOS.

  • CVCalendar: A custom visual calendar for iOS 8+ written in Swift (2.0).


Oracle have revealed how much money Google makes from Android

Having trouble putting together an app with best practices? Check out Metronome: A Fully Unit-Tested Rx-Based Reference Application

Learn How to Make HTTP Calls on Android with Retrofit 2, the library almost everyone uses from Square.

Some projects for you to check out: 

  • blockcanary: A transparent ui-block detection library

  • coolmenu: A cool cards menu concept

  • app-theme-engine: An easy to use app-level theme engine for Android developers

  • CircleLayout: An Android layout for arranging children along a circle


Tanner Christensen shares Four Things Working at Facebook Has Taught Him About Design Critique

Axway Acquired Appcelerator, the JavaScript-based platform for native app development which I created my first mobile app with, and the one I use to build anything quickly.

When your app is out in the wild, you might want to do some AB testing or leak features out to small subsets of users gradually. We've been using feature toggles for a long time in our apps at Carma, and here Martin Fowler explains the concept in detail.

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