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Lately in Cloud Development: Aug 2017

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Lately in Cloud Development: Aug 2017

In this post, we take a look at some news and resources available in the world of cloud-based development, containerization, and DevOps.

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I’m trying a slightly different formula this month by organizing the articles under headings to try and give folks who have specific interests a quicker way to find the links they want. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Cloud Providers

Amazon Web Services Joins the Cloud Native Computing Foundation — What Does it Mean?

By James Governor

Love it or hate it you can’t escape Amazon. A thoughtful look at why Amazon joined the CNCF and what it might mean.

Microsoft, Red Hat Team for Windows Containers, SQL Server on OpenShift

By Susan Hall

What started as a surprising partnership deepens with Red Hat OpenShift able to manage Windows containers, OpenShift running on Azure and SQLServer on RHEL and OpenShift.

Kubernetes at GitHub

By Jesse Newland

For those who have followed GitHub’s rise, this is an interesting read covering why they have chosen k8s and some advice on how to do it.


My Docker Cheat Sheet

By Aymen El Amri

Does what it says on the tin… ideal for getting into Docker.

@▲ZEIT or Hyper — a New Heroku Emerging?

By James Governor

I’ve been tracking Zeit for a bit, and it’s very cool, but I hadn’t heard of hyper. Great to see people obsessing about developer experience!

Introducing kube-spawn

By Chris Kühl

Interested in trying Kubernetes but daunted by the idea of setting up a cluster and running a microservices app? This kube-spawn tutorial helps.

Container Resource Consumption — Too Important to Ignore

By Michael Hausenblas

Michael shows why k8s resources are critical to manage (manually for now) and introduces the in-process work happening to bring auto-scaling to k8s.

Debugging DNS

By Ole Michaelis

Working at a DNS company for a time really educated me on how important this foundational technology is. Learning to debug it may save your bacon…


The SRE Model (At Google)


Fascinating article on how Google handles SRE and specifically why the fact that it’s optional is actually good for their developers and teams.

Why GitHub Can’t Host the Linux Kernel Community

By danvet

Detailed and interesting article on the complexities of handling huge open source communities and why GitHub is not always the answer.

Designing a Microservices Architecture for Failure

By Péter Márton

With more moving parts, it stands to reason that microservices' surface area for failure is high. This is a helpful take on how to embrace that and design for failure.

Developer Evangelism and GitHub Metrics

By Ashley Hathaway

A fun post that explains why GH stars are generally a vanity metric and offers some alternatives to measure project and community uptake.

Oh, Hai GitOps. What Is GitOps?

By James Governor

It would be silly and overly simplistic to say GitOps is what happens to infrastructure-as-code when it grows up… but I just did.

Continuous Integration vs. Continuous Delivery vs. Continuous Deployment

By Sten Pittet

I just discovered this article this week, although I suspect it’s much older. But a good, clear comparison of these overloaded terms is still worth the read.

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