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Later Safari, for Now

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Later Safari, for Now

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My uses for Google are few to none these days, but sadly, I just can‘t put up with Safari‘s horribly rapacious misuse of resources any longer, so I‘ve started using Chrome.

I also abhor all the idiotic stupidity of the market speculators who‘ve decided Apple is done, and Google is so cool (more on that in my I/O post). However, the Safari thing is starting to make me think that Apple is showing the signs of a good guy company, now that Jobs is done. ‘Let‘s just politely ask the Safari team when they expect their tool might be satisfied with say 8 GBs of RAM…‘ I have a MacPro, MacBook Pro, and an iMac. The iMac I use mostly for music, but I made the mistake of getting it with 4 GBs of RAM. That machine infuriates me. I am really ready to just give it away and put a screen on the wall and hookup my laptop to it. When it gets woken up it takes FOREVER to become even moderately operational.

One would think that a company that has the highest paid executives in the valley, someone there would know this, and see it for what it is: an intolerable, creeping necrosis. The thing that finally iced microsoft for me was the Ballmer Doctrine:
‘don‘t lecture me about fixing bugs, we banked a billion last quarter.‘ That and their developer tools, like MFC, the worst application framework ever made.

The part of this Safari stuff that makes the least sense is Chrome is clearly the lance at the front of the Google column that they are going to try to use to pry iOS open so they can install their little ad-fueled turnstile. Having Safari be a bug filled lardass that will eat up all manner of RAM thrown at it looks like a great way to invite the flesh eating bacteria into the heart of the kingdom.

Update: Well, looks like Chrome is also a rapacious monster. It manages to avoid becoming sluggish like Safari, but it munched up all the RAM, and left a slime trail of ‘helper‘ processes in Activity Monitor…. Someone needs to stake the web. Almost 20 years on, it‘s a rambling wreck…


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