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Latest From the vJUG: Java Concurrency

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Latest From the vJUG: Java Concurrency

Watch the latest live Google Hangout session from the Virtual Java User Group and don't forget to catch up on their podcast, the Java Council.

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If you haven't checked out the content coming from the Virtual Java Users Group (vJUG), you really need to take a look.  They've already had multiple live Google Hangout sessions and podcasts with interesting conversations between Java community champions like Arun Gupta, Trisha Gee, Martijn Verburg, Lukas Eder, Markus Eisele, and yes, even the great James Gosling did an interview in January this year. 

You can thank the awesome leaders of RebelLabs, Simon Maple and Oleg Shelajev starting the vJUG and for putting together this series of hangouts and podcasts.

Here are the latest episodes of their Google Hangout sessions and Java Council podcast:

Java Concurrency Under the Hood

Java Council Podcast 5

Show Notes from vJUG page

(0:00) Intros

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you and what time is it now?
  • What do you do? (Job, company, community, any major accolades etc)

(4:38) vJUG sessions & discussion points

  1. Getting Started with Minecraft Modding – replay, write up
  2. Java Concurrency Under The Hood – replay, write up
    1. Concurrency Interest Mailing List – where the Java Memory Model and updates to Java concurrency get discussed.
    2. Java Concurrency in Practice is the book to read

(22:50) Community news / Adopt a JSR / Adopt OpenJDK

  1. JUnit Lambda update – 22 days to go, 65% of the way – Donate here

Future of Java/OpenJDK

  1. JSON-B 1.0 draft available to review

(25:13) Events we attended

  1. Nuffink!! It’s August!! (although we might want to mention JVM Language Summit since it was all over twitter)
    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HG0YQVy8UM&list=PLX8CzqL3ArzUo2dtMurvpUTAaujPMeuuU
    2. http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/community/jlssessions-2015-2633029.html

(27:27) Upcoming Events

  1. Trish: SwanCon
  2. Trish: The Lead Developer
  3. Trish/Arun: GOTO London
    1. 10% discount for LJC members: LJC10
  4. CFP for JFokus
  5. CFP for Voxxed Berlin
  6. Simon/Arun: JavaZone
  7. SpringOne
  8. JavaOne [Sharat to lead]
    1. $200 off for JUG members using code DJOD15
    2. Content Catalog: https://events.rainfocus.com/oow15/catalog/oracle.jsp?event=javaone&search.event=javaoneEvent
    3. Program Committee: https://www.oracle.com/javaone/program-committee.html
    4. Talent this year: Elton John & Beck
  9. JFall is picking papers around now
  10. Devoxx labs, university, conference sessions are selected. BoFs, Quickies, Ignites are TBDs.

(50:54) New Product Releases

  1. Java v8u60
  2. Upsource/YouTrack/Hub, gives me a chance to pimp my code review blog posts
  3. XRebel 2.2 – New sharing feature
  4. Payara Micro
  5. Docker 1.8 – Docker Blogger Program
  6. Java EE sample in Kubernetes
  7. Censum 2.0.25 – Figure out what your GC is doing

(1:01:17) In the news

  1. Tiobe Index – Java stronger in the lead
  2. Java adoption
    1. Java SE 6 – 21%
    2. Java SE 7 – 43%
    3. Java SE 8 – 35%
  3. DZone running a survey  [closed last week]
  4. Cameron Purdy leaves Oracle
    1. Tori also left to New Relic some time ago

(1:11:45) Rant of the month

Why people STILL don’t like writing tests.

(1:20:30) Inspiration of the month

“Just a hobby, won’t be big”

(1:16:30) Coming up soon?

  1. Resilience is by Design by Jonas Boner
  2. Flavors of Java Concurrency by Oleg Shelajever the Hood – Gleb Smirnov

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