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Latest Impacts on the Android Mobile App Development Process

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Latest Impacts on the Android Mobile App Development Process

Learn about the mobile app trends that are influencing Android developers and the course of the Android development ecosystem.

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Mobile application developers are constantly trying to develop new methods that can not only simplify the development process, but also offer unique designs and user experience to the customers. With every year, the development trends and technologies are changing and cutting-edge techniques and tools are coming in the market and influencing mobile app development. A few years back, Android burst into the IT world and created a revolution. Innovative trends of this system are still creating great effects in the minds of the users.

In this blog, I will discuss with you some of the trends that have affected the Android app development process.

Though it is very difficult to say what the future holds, there is no denying the fact that mobile app development is the latest trend of today. The Android platform keeps changing with fresh innovations that this makes way to transform the user experiences. The apps are also going to stay and will evolve with time.

Instant Applications

Google has come up with the latest surprise, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Mobile app developers soon became busy making the best use of AMPs, and then Google announced Instant Apps. This allows Android applications to run instantly without having to download or install them. The apps may be installed on your device or not, but you can still use them like any other Android applications. You can easily access and use a wide range of apps and their features without having to wait for installation to complete. Instant apps are now growing and have the power to change the way people use Android apps. Soon they will be available for all mobile platforms and users can easily enjoy this facility.

Intelligent Apps

Android mobile apps are gearing more towards intelligence apps; for example, Google’s AI-powered algorithms can transform a simple picture to an artistic creation. Such apps can easily tell you which movie to watch and what your diet should be depending on your health conditions, like blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and more. This technology has made a very great progression in today’s digital world and businesses should not let this opportunity go. They need to create a customized mobile app to help them meet specific requirements. So, whether you are a businessman or a mobile app developer, all your strategies should be well-planned around the latest trends to create rich mobile apps for your users.

Internet of Things

IoT is increasingly becoming popular everywhere and is now a hot topic of discussion. The technology has made users understand the true essence of smart homes and appliances. IoT consists of a network of devices and various other things embedded with sensors, electronics, and software applications that are able to transfer the data and information between them. We can state that IoT is basically a connection of devices to the internet.

E-Commerce on Android

E-commerce has already become a vital part of our lives, and since people are getting more and more used to shopping online, Android mobile apps are also coming up to help them. Online stores offer a wide range of products at different rates, so creating apps that can make online payments right from their devices is a must. Two years back, Google announced Android Pay and upgraded Google Wallet, which was more secure and advantageous.

To conclude, I can say that Android users can expect to choose from a wide range of mobile apps that are best for you. The mission is to help users turn their smartphones into great electronic assistants with the help of the latest mobile apps.

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