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LDX+ XML Toolkit/Framework for Java


Our new LDX+ 2.1 (XML-Schema based Code Generator for Java) and Framework for Java, helps you develop your high-volume XML processing applications quickly and consistently. LDX+does not force you to use a vendor specific API; XML types are conveniently transposed to JavaBeans objects.

You specify using a runtime configuration file what types your processor component subscribes to and how 1..many relationships are handled (that is whether or not to store child elements in the parent container). The memory footprint is flat and consistently low, since the underlying framework relies on SAX. 

The runtime specification is straight-forward, using a familiar notation:

LDX+ is an XML data binding framework and code generator for Java. It is the only available option designed from the ground up to handle very large XML input. It is also one of the few options dealing with recursive definitions and handles all of the typical XML Schema constructs with ease. The Java code generator is part of the product and allows you to generate code directly from your XML Schemata, and, it is configurable to suit your needs (control package names, organize multiple projects, etc.).

There's a free (fully functional evaluation) version for you so you can give it a try.
Lolke Dijkstra


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