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Introducing Lead Drafting, a New Lead Generation Service for Tech Marketers

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Introducing Lead Drafting, a New Lead Generation Service for Tech Marketers

A new way to drive quality developers and software professionals to your developer programs and free product trials.

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Starting today, tech marketers will have another way to engage and convert the developer and software professional audience - introducing DZone's newest lead generation service, Lead Drafting!

According to research conducted by the Harvard Business Review, a lead is 10x more likely to respond when engaged within 5 minutes of converting. But with traditional third-party lead generation efforts, marketers are often unable to access lead data instantaneously, making it nearly impossible to follow up within the window of greatest opportunity.

Enter Lead Drafting. By directly integrating with your marketing automation platform, we're able to deliver leads as they convert while enabling you to run targeted campaigns the moment they enter your funnel. 

"Finding opportunities where developers are receptive to marketing offers can be difficult. Moreover, acting within that window requires agility," says Matt Schmidt, President at DZone. "The key to our Lead Drafting product is the concept that developers are most receptive to offers when they are receiving high quality content."

How it works:Lead Generation on DZone

When a developer downloads one of our exclusive publications, an interstitial will appear asking if they'd like to take advantage of your related special offer.

If they say 'Yes', their information is instantaneously delivered to your marketing automation platform, and they're taken to their original download request. 

The details:

Lead Drafting is an integrated solution that allows tech marketers to convert a high volume of targeted leads and optimize their response rates by:

  • Pairing developer program and product trial offers with popular, trusted DZone publications

  • Using single-click conversions to make opting-in quick and easy

  • Integrating with major marketing automation tools (Hubspot, Eloqua, Marketo), allowing you to enable automated, instantaneous follow-up

  • Targeting prospects according to specific demographic criteria

DZone newest service is enabled by its extensive library of high-quality free publications that engage hundreds of thousands of practicing developers.

To learn how Lead Drafting can drive new members to your developer program, email sales@dzone.com or call 919-443-1644.

Marketing to Developers? Discover the do's and don't's when it comes to engaging developers. Download the Developer Marketing eBook.

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