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Leading in a disruptive market

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Leading in a disruptive market

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The world of work is changing. We are becoming far more connected and collaborative, we are increasingly turning to digital to deliver a better customer and employee experience at less cost, and we are looking for opportunities to deliver our work in leaner, less structured but more effective ways.

The nature of business is also changing. According to Constellation Research, since 2000 52% of the companies in the Fortune 500 have either gone bankrupt, been acquired, ceased to exist, or dropped out of the Fortune 500.

The pace of change has increased, competition has intensified, and business models have been disrupted.

And yet, the way we manage change has largely remained the same for the last 30 years.

We no longer have the luxury of spending 2 years, with armies of project people at huge cost, to deliver something that rarely meets the business need.

The way we manage change itself needs to become more collaborative, digitally enabled and lean if it is going to help organisations work in this way.

We have seen that crowdsourcing can generate far more innovative solutions. What if we could extend this way of working to make change happen in a more collaborative, technology enabled way?

Pinipa is a change platform for crowdsourcing business transformations, enabling employees to get actively involved in shaping and delivering change.  This shifts the paradigm, making engagement of employees a core driver of change, rather than simply supporting a top-down driven approach.

Pinipa starts with the ‘where’ – the goals and strategic objectives – and leaves the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ for the crowd to determine. Everyone can suggest ideas on what the business can do differently, which can then be turned into projects.  Employees suggest all the things we need to consider for the projects to enable truly transformational change. Pinipa then takes the hard work out of coordinating delivery.

It is designed to support the complexities of transformational change, in a simple, user-friendly way so that everyone will feel comfortable contributing.

People will naturally support what they have been involved in creating. The energy generated by a crowd has the power to deliver far greater business value, significantly faster and at less cost than any project team could possibly achieve.

This is the future of every organisation.  Or at least, the ones that will be market leading in 15 years time.

Faith Forster is the founder of Pinipa, a change platform for crowdsourcing business transformations, which aims to make engagement a core driver of change and deliver change better, faster and cheaper.


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