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Leading Industry Players Form DevOps Express

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Leading Industry Players Form DevOps Express

In some instances, willingness to subjugate potential revenue prospects and look beyond competitive conflicts takes a very long time to materialize.

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In some instances, willingness to subjugate potential revenue prospects and look beyond competitive conflicts takes a very long time to materialize. Unsurprisingly, this typically doesn’t benefit the technology consumer.

Take for instance the IT security market. It took literally decades for vendors to agree that sharing information about widespread attacks and resulting anti-virus signatures was more useful for practitioners, and ultimately solutions providers themselves, than pursuing purely independent strategies.

Last time I checked there was still plenty of room for competition in that space.

Brightest Names in DevOps Joining Forces

Thankfully, in the domain of DevOps tooling and automation, it hasn’t taken nearly as long for leading players to undertake formal activities aimed at simplifying the integrated use of their products.

This week just such an initiative, the DevOps Express consortium – the first of its kind, was announced at the Jenkins World 2016 conference in Santa Clara, CA.

Along with CA Technologies, many of the brightest names in the DevOps solutions space – specifically, CloudBees and Sonatype, joined by Atlassian, BlazeMeter, Chef, DevOps Institute, GitHub, Infostretch, JFrog, Puppet, Sauce Labs, SOASTA and SonarSource – announced participation in this effort.

Based on the idea that today’s cross-functional application delivery teams need more support than ever in deploying all the various tools necessary to build and adapt production workflows, DevOps Express represents a critical step forward in advancing best practices.

To be fair, with the preponderance of open APIs and open source tools leveraged by today’s DevOps practitioners isn’t as if organizations have been forced to string together wildly disparate solutions, at least not to the extent it has been the case in other technology paradigms.

That said, the huge breadth and intense complexity of the many platforms being used across today’s applications delivery lifecycle do require significant and often painful integration.

Spanning the entirety of Agile planning all the way through to monitoring of customer experience, this is especially true as organizations seek to shift left various processes and employ entirely new channels of feedback and collaboration.

Easing Integration and Advancing Best Practices

So what will DevOps Express comprise? Out of the gate, we will work together to ease integration across the represented tools and promote more flexible operability for enterprises seeking to adopt DevOps.

In essence, the effort seeks to pull together all the varied components of the applications lifecycle embodied by the supporting vendors.

Formally, DevOps Express members will supply reference architectures that describe field-tested integrations of best-in-breed solutions residing on-premises and in the cloud, aimed at improving interoperability across a typical product DevOps toolchain.

CA and its partners in this effort will also form a support alliance to facilitate centralized diagnosis and resolution for enterprises when issues arise related to the correlation of various alliance tools.

Beyond those initial steps, the sky is truly the limit. Such an influential cross-section of providers can support a wide range of helpful endeavors when brought to the same table, especially in terms of advancing established best practices shared across their joint customers.

That should dramatically impact DevOps efforts ongoing within today’s software factories.

I’m also looking forward to the opportunity to sit down as a group and brainstorm additional programs to benefit today’s DevOps practitioners. These are heady times in the DevOps space, and there is a tremendous opportunity for innovation that will benefit everyone involved.

We’re truly thrilled to be a part of this landmark consortium at CA and we’ve already begun to percolate ideas to help deepen the impact of DevOps Express. As always, we’ll do this in direct cooperation with and in support of our customers.

Sometimes change and collaboration come quickly. As it relates to all thing DevOps, it should come as no surprise that this is already the case.

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