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Learn Cloud hopes to crowdsource education

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Learn Cloud hopes to crowdsource education

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Education has arguably been one of the biggest recipients of crowdsourcing output over the last few years.  The example of Wikipedia has led to a host of projects that have aimed to provide a plethora of online material cheaply and widely.

What began with Wikipedia has since blossomed with projects such as Skillshare, Khan Academy, the numerous MOOC sites and so on providing access to a host of great educational resources for next to nothing.

Rather than prompting them to think that is job done however, these examples have further inspired the founders of Learn Cloud to push on still further.

The founders believe that whilst the web has opened up a wealth of material to learn just about anything you could dream of, it’s a treasure still out of reach to the many that don’t have web access around the world.  What’s more, it’s often these people that could stand to gain the most from access to the resources.

Learn Cloud was designed for these people.  They reason that if your web access is sporadic, knowing where to turn for what can be daunting.  Having a resource therefore that sign posts you to the best resources for particular topics, and tells you whether it works on mobile devices and so on, can be invaluable.

It’s touted as a kind of Pinterest for free educational content, with collections of content curated by users to hopefully sign post people to the best and most useful stuff.  The content is designed to be accessible without any kind of Internet connection, albeit they must have some kind of digital device to access the content.

Now, I’m not a fan, nor indeed a user of Pinterest, so I’m probably not best placed to comment on the approach, but I thought it was interesting and worth a share.  Check out the site, or watch the short video below, to get a better idea of what they’re about.

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