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Learn In-Demand Microservices Skills Today

Based on our microservices survey results, we've put together a list of tutorials and other articles to help you learn what you care about most!

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DZone recently conducted a survey of our readers to find out why they use (or don't use) microservices. Over 87% of respondents say their company is either using microservices in their applications or is actively considering it, and 80% of those who use them say that microservices have made their jobs easier! In this light, we've put together a collection of tutorials and informational articles to help developers learn about what's important to them, based on what interests them about this architecture, and where they think the technology is going. Let's get started!

1. The Transition

Transitioning from the monolith is a huge concern for our readers, so here are a few great articles on how to parse this complex step, addressing your concerns like breaking up monolithic components and tight coupling.

2. Spring Boot and Java

A vast majority said that Java is the best language to support microservices (80% of respondents). When choosing frameworks or tools for building microservices, Spring Boot was the top choice at 48% of readers, followed by Java EE at 28%. These tutorials will give you a solid foundation.

3. Containers

64.3% of respondents are using containers with their microservices, either in production, development, or both. This series provides a comprehensive look at setting up and deploying microservice applications in containers.

4. Security

Lots of our readers are concerned with ensuring the security of their microservices applications, with over 43% of you using OAuth2. These tutorials will walk you through some of the most trusted methods for microservices security.

We're planning another article like this to address other microservices concerns like monitoring, testing, and container orchestration, so tell us what you think!

Stay tuned to this zone for a DZone Research article analyzing our full survey results!

Learn why microservices are breaking traditional APM tools that were built for monoliths.

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