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Learning About Using Facebook for Your Retail Store

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Learning About Using Facebook for Your Retail Store

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Learning About Using Facebook for Your Retail Store

When you own a retail store the goal is to sell items and make a profit that increases every year.  This will require a solid advertising and marketing strategy.  Facebook can play a major role in getting your store out there and seen by more people and it is free so it will not bust your advertising and marketing budget.  You will want to use it correctly or else it could potentially harm your strategy, so be mindful of your activities and social media presence. 


Making Sure You Post Helpful and Quality Status Updates

When you are working to promote your store you want to make sure that everything you post is of value to your current and potential customers.  Your status updates should foster conversation and share valuable information.  Your posts will represent your store and your brand and you want those following you to gain something from each from them, such as information about your store or learning about a new promotion or a new product or service.  You can also set up polls and ask your followers for opinions and input on your store so that you can better interact with customers and show them that you value them.


Your Retail Store Facebook Business Page

This is going to be the only thing you have on Facebook to show people who you are and what you sell so it has to be good and informational.  You want to start with a good avatar photo and a good Timeline cover.  Both of these represent your store and are something people should associate with you when they see them.  Your photo can be a good picture of the outside of your store or even the inside so that customers can get a glimpse of the retail experience.  Your Timeline cover should be related to your store, such as desserts for a bakery.  You want people to see it and be able to have a good idea of what you sell at your store.

You want your profile to be filled out completely and able to tell your customers exactly what you sell and about the environment at your store.  For example, are you an upscale women's clothing boutique or a fun and friendly toy store.  Paint a picture so that people can imagine themselves there and shopping.  When people can identify with something they are more likely to use it and be excited about it. 


Increasing Your Exposure on Facebook

Being on Facebook is all about exposure and getting more people to learn about your store.  You can start by joining some relevant groups, interact in groups that are for the city your store is located in and even create groups to aid in promotion and meeting other local business owners.  Facebook is all about networking and there are millions of people you can choose to interact with to learn more about your industry, more about retail and to advertise your business.

Matthew Graham is a social media specialist and researcher. He is working full time for 123Covers looking after their social media needs for their facebook timeline covers site.


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